Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kristin & Erik's Starr Style Wedding

This was one of my gorgeous fall weddings that took place back on November 10th, 2012.  This was my last fall wedding that I was physically able to be a part of (prior to the babies coming).. and it was fantastic.
Kristin was such a beauty..and a sweetheart.  And my J.Starr Style Vendor Team of course made this day spectacular.  Here's a few highlights from this day.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Manic Monday 1.28.13

Favorite Photo of the Week: (My Love Bugs, One Month)


Highlights of last week included:
~My peapods turned ONE MONTH, oh my!!!
~Returning Home after spending ten days at my parents home. During Justin's first week back to work, we (me, the babies, the doggies) decided to spend some time at mom and dad's down in Casa Grande. During that time Justin got a cold....and then I got a cold...turning our 5 day stay into a 10 day stay. Poor Justin, he could hardly bare being away from his girls so long.

Last week I learned:
~Being a mommy, especially with twins requires me to try and plan for each hour of the day...which knock on wood is making me a much more efficient person.

Yes This Actually Happened:
~I had to wear a scary mask around the house all week, in an effort not to get the babies sick.

Feeling Appreciative:
~Feeling so appreciative for my mom and dad, they have been a tremendous help to us during our transition into's been really sweet watching them become Grandparents.

Bringing Sexy Back:
~This is a new addition to my "Manic Mondays" where I will try and hold myself accountable for yes...bringing my "sexy" back. As of right now, I haven't been cleared to work out yet...I should be given the "okay" by my doc the second week of February. I could be at least walking right now, but due to this annoying cold, that hasn't happened much. I gained a total of 45lbs during my pregnancy... and last time I weighed myself I had lost 35lbs (out of the 45)...yeah, there was a whole lotta babies going on in there. So my first goal is to be back to my pre~pregnancy weight, soon.

On the horizon for this week:
~Back to Blogging!!! My goal is try and keep my blog Event Planning/Design focused but surely these little girls of my mine are just too darn precious not to wiggle their way in from time to time...that's for sure.  They are my new fabulous little assistants.
~My brother in law and is fiance will be flying in from San Francisco for an extended weekend. They will get to meet their nieces for the first time, and we'll finally be able to have our Starr Family Christmas Dinner.

Currently Listening to:
~The sound of my mom, chatting with little Emma as she feeds her. She's up here today....allowing me to escape a wee bit.

Quote I'm Loving:
"Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can." { I love, love, love this}

Currently Watching:
~During my 2am feedings...I've started watching "Downton Abbey" and I'm hooked....I've already blared through the first season on where oh where can I find the second season?????

~Yesterday I spent the majority of the day in a No Doubt concert shirt, covered in spit about a hot mess...minus the hot, double the mess. Justin says to me at about 8pm..umm are you ever going to change your shirt??

Currently Reading:
~"What to Expect the First Year"


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