Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{Wedding Wednesday}: So, Wait...What Do You Do? What Do You Call Yourself?

Happy Wednesday All!  How we all doing today?  Thank you for reading. Those sparkly heels caught your attention didn't they?  Me too.  Love them. So today I thought I would take a moment to better explain what I do. 

Recently my brother-in-law was in town and he asked me what do you call yourself...he explained, I never know how to explain your job position?  I shockingly found myself fumbling around with my answer....which was a bit alarming.   I know what I do, but how do I best label it, so that non-wedding industry people can understand? 

It's a thought that's been on my mind for awhile....and then yesterday....thanks to Preston Bailey {Famous Event Designer Extraordinaire} I had an epiphany.   You see, in the Wedding World there are several different labels and's REALLY crucial to understand the differences and the way their roles will play into your wedding day...

Wedding Designers are responsible for the overall look and design of your event.  Floor plans, color choices, tablecloths, lighting, food presentation, invitations...anything, really that has to do with the overall aesthetic of the wedding.  Visuals are their job, not planning the execution of things....such as your procession, walking down the aisle, etc. 

Wedding Planners are the directors and producers of your wedding.  These are the professionals who will be your advisors throughout the planning and the execution of your event.  They are the ones in charge of budgets, logistics, timelines, etc.  Do not expect them to design your wedding. 

Florists are the people who bring your floral dreams into reality by designing and placing flowers throughout your event.  You should not expect floor plans or timelines from these professionals.

I'm a Wedding Designer & Wedding Planner...and the services that I offer are broken down in a way to best showcase the true difference between these roles and responsibilities.

 It's important to keep in mind, that every Designer, Planner, and Florist are different...some may offer cross roles like myself, some may not.  It's very important for the client to know ahead of time who does what.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mindful Monday 4.28.14

{My handsome date Saturday Night}


Highlights of last week included:
~Friday Night I coordinated my first J.Starr/Venue Partnership Package Wedding! In the more recent past, I've mostly only done coordination for weddings using "My Vendor Team"...but through this new partnership, I don't always have that luxury....which makes coordination so much harder....but I LOVE the challenge.
~Saturday night, after many months in the making, my cousin's 10 Year Vow Renewal came to life! Coordinating an event for a loved one is a completely different experience as you're emotionally's harder in some ways, easier in other ways....but overall it's much more hilarious for so many reasons. It was beautiful...I can't wait to share more later this week.
~"Spa Day" at the Buttes with some of my most favorite girls
New fab finds:
~Not so much a "fab find" but I did get a "swagging" lesson from Miss April Warner, Catering Director at San Tan Elegante.  "Swagging" is a wedding trick to make linens hang extra fancy-like on tables...mostly cake tables and head tables... Laurie Southwick (Owner of Southwick Linens) would have been so proud;)  I still need practice.

Yes this actually happened:
~My children came face to face with an Alpaca on Earth Day...don't ask how an Alpaca and Earth Day go together, they just do.  The hilarious part was that Emma, who is afraid of a cuckoo clock...wasn't afraid of the Alpaca that stood RIGHT next her...weird kid I tell ya.

Feeling Appreciative:
~Family and so much to say here, especially this week.  My cup is full and I am grateful. 
 ~I need to invest in some new fancy flats.  I hate flats.  But they are a must in the Wedding World on wedding days.  I typically bring 3 sets of shoes on the day of my events....1 pair I wear during set up (typically fancy I'm in contact with a lot of people during this time) 1 pair (always heels) that I slip on a few minutes before the ceremony up until after the grand entrance...depending on how long I'm booked for...and my 3 pair (typically fuzzy, comfy slippers) I slip on after I'm out of client/guests site. I wear these to do my final notes at the end of the night and drive home. 
Baby Moments I Want to Remember:
 ~Hannah & Emma's first Wedding (Vow Renewal) they were such happy little party goers...I loved being able to dance with them, truly the best.  They however would NOT stop eating...they ate the hors d' oeuvres, then ate entrees, and when the dessert table came out Hannah was OBSESSED with it....Justin and I kept looking at each other and saying...HOW are they still EATING?  It was funny.
I Turn it Up:  
~Everybody Dance Now by C & C Music Factory.... special song that I'm quite certain my cousin had preselected just for me and her brother Andy...oh the memories we have spending hours jumping on her parents trampoline as kids, fun times. I had almost forgotten how incredible that song is.

Something Inspiring:

THESE Two...
 Earth Day...Random..Yes, it was REAL those little tushies

Doctor Checkup = Shots...No Fun

So grateful for THIS girl...

Friday Night Wedding ~ Mr. and Mrs. Hawk

Saturday 10 Year Vow Renewal...perfection
Same Couple, Ten Years Later, 10 Times More the Love... 
9am Sunday Funday Massages
I mean it fair that she looks THIS beautiful at 29 Weeks Pregnant?

These former college roommates....were just what the doctor ordered for me come Sunday felt heavenly to relax and unwind....

Friday, April 25, 2014

{Featured Friday} Stunning Views & Timeless Elegance for Mr. & Mrs. Zeller

I just love this couple.  They were referred to me by Chris and Nina, as I coordinated their Dana Point, California Wedding in the Fall of 2012.  If you're a faithful reader of my blog...perhaps you remember when Luke was a featured guest blogger and shared with us their amazing love story.   It was quite evident through Luke's charming and funny writing style that he is completely in love with Marlene....

As I sat down at a coffee house with Luke & Marlene well over a year ago and asked them...."What do you want for your wedding day....What's important to you?" 

Marlene responded..."minimalistic and tasteful"....with a view of the city lights....Luke responded...."whatever my Bride would like".... Well there's no doubt about it....their wedding had breathtaking views...and while the décor was kept minimal it was incredibly elegant

Marlene was a classic beauty, when she smiled she lit up the room..

And Luke....the handsome happy..

 The Bridesmaids looked classic...
The Groomsmen, so dapper...
The Ceremony...
The Views....

 "The Kiss"
 Officially Mr. & Mrs...
 The Flowers..
The Setting...

The Cake...

Incredible Setting...Magical
The night ended with a sparkly send off...and a big movie worthy smooch!

Thank you Marlene & Luke for choosing me to help you with your most special day, it was  truly an honor. 


 Photography: Still Life Studios {Justin Starr, Photographer}
Venue:  CopperWynd Resort {Lynn Leas, Catering Sales Manager}
DJ: AZ Celebrity DJ {Juan Sandoval, Owner & DJ}
Wedding Cake: La Dolce Pesca
Floral: J.Starr Stylized Weddings {Renata Hodl, Florist}
Coordination: J.Starr Stylized Weddings {Jennifer Starr, Owner/Wedding Designer}

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mindful Monday 4.21.14

{I snapped this photo just moments before the Luke & Marlene's Grand Entrance...I'm still in awe over the stunning views}

~Well what can I say,  at least today feels like Monday to me. Last week was very busy...but definitely fun filled.  I woke up yesterday feeling like I'd been hit by a train...and my home looked like it had been hit several trains.  So I spent the yesterday cleaning (no working, no emails, no social plans)...and trying to recover our foundation again....therefore today is my Monday to me.  Let's all just play along okay? ;)

Highlights of last week included:
 ~Wrapped up Trevor's visit with some fun Starr Family Time on Monday night...grilling out, the babies played in the sprinkler, loved spending time with my Brother in laws. Later last week...Shannon (Justin's oldest brother) got happy and excited for him!!
~Dyed Easter Eggs with our Bunnies....Emma enjoyed smashing them, Hannah loved dropping them into the water cups.
~Lunch with some treasured girlfriends
~Breathtakingly Beautiful J.Starr Stylized Wedding!  See their sparkling Grand Exit!
~Sunday Funday Easter

New fab finds:
~Eos Shaving silky smooth soft

Yes this actually happened:
~I got a parking ticket for parking in a handicap spot. No, I'm not a jerk who does this type of thing...I was in a hurry Friday...running all over the valley...and parked in a parking lot I've parked in hundreds of times...I knew that the sign said I had a two hour parking limit {without a pass} all the spots in these lot say this....what I didn't see was the handicap symbol also on it. Grrr.... deservingly so, I got a ticket, an expensive one! Slow down Jennifer.
~ Olive {one of our wiener dogs} some way, some how busted in to the Easter Basket ate an entire chocolate bunny! Yes, she lived...yes she's fine...she just caused us extra unneeded stress on a very busy day. that dog, I swear.
Feeling Appreciative:
~For a Physical Therapist Husband....who hooked me up to heat and stem Friday night to relieve my "I carry twins around all day" aching back.  good stuff.
~I ate too many Cadbury Mini Eggs last week....those things are heavenly!
Baby Moments I Want to Remember:
  ~Hannah is officially's a video link here and here. I can't believe's definitely a bitter sweet moment for a parent.  Emma's not far behind...she'll be catching up with sis if not this week, next week for sure.
~Easter was a was the first time we ever saw get excited about "opening" gifts ~their Easter Baskets, so cute.

Something Inspiring:

 THESE TWO....where does all this sass come from?? :)

Babies, Bikinis & Bellies

Barbara's Precious Legacy


Don't think about it, just do it, every damn day...

Eeeek! Just booked 5 new weddings between now and June! So grateful for new partnership opportunities!
Grandpa's Girls.

Café Boa with these beauties....

Advantages of being a Doc of Physical Therapist wifey....thanks babe.

Conversations with my sweet Bride Saturday Morning... {luckily, it never rained!}
J.Starr Floral Designer: Renata is officially on site!

Beautiful Couple

Gorgeous Venue

Always a joy to work with Juan, Owner of AZ Celebrity Dj
 My ridiculous multi talented husband was the photographer.....I love when we work weddings partner in crime, my partner in life.
I have the BEST views....

In my zone, loving every moment. Thanks Juan for the photo!

Hannah loving her Uncle Chase

Grammie & Gramps...and Emma wanting to swing in the swing.

Our Bunnies...Hannah cool, calm, chill...Emma, furious...she wants to go in the SWING!
Emma's happy now. Thank you to my Mom for making Easter so special.
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