Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dan & Jenny's Starr Style Wedding Day...

I just adored this bride....she was so happy all the time.....nothing more beautiful than a happy bride on her wedding day.
As always, I had my Starr Style Vendor Team on site to make make sure everything was ran very smooth.....

Photography by Still Life Studios

Floral and Design by Renata Hodl with J.Starr Stylized Weddings
DJ Services by: AZ Celebrity DJ
Congratulations to Dan and was truly a pleasure working with you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yep, Buns are still in the oven...

Hello World,

Yep, I'm still here....nope, no babies yet.  I've been so out of the loop lately I felt a bit of blogging might make me feel a little reconnected.

For the first time in my life things have sloooooowed down......waaaaaay down for me.  And to tell you the truth it totally freaks me out a little bit.  (I'm guessing it's the calm before the storm).

I was so going so hard for so long....crazy, busy, juggling act all the time...that it's totally weird for me to slow down.

It's not that we still don't have lots of wheels turning....the fact is my body & mind just wont allow me to do much of fact, I tend to do a lot of staring into space and day dreaming.

I think I had really built it up in my head that my little ladies would be here by now.  Soooo many people had told me that no one carries twins past 35 weeks.... so I had it all planned out that the babies would have already made their grand appearance.

But apparently my little ladies are just nice and comfy in my tummy...and in no rush to come out.  I'm thinking now that they just might stay put until my scheduled c-section. ( at 38 weeks)

And with each passing has become more and more painful to walk, get up and down...and SLEEP.  Sleeping is the real killer.  I'm up every hour of the night because I have to flip sides...which would seem like an easy thing to do....except when you have two bowling balls in your belly. 

But all in all, things are great.  My doctor had to remind me that every passing day that the babies can stay in the oven is miraculous for their health and their future.   Perhaps my fantasy of being able to hold them on Christmas wont come true, but that's okay...I'm learning quickly that unfortunately, I can't be the "Event Planner" of my children's birth..... I just not that qualified. 

P.S. Yes, I'm still taking a weekly photo... I'm just not as eager to post, because I look like a cartoon character....but I will...for your personal amusement, soon.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Manic Monday Vol. 20

 (34 Weeks Pregnant/ 8 Months, with Twins)

Well Gang,

Truth is..... I have so much to be thankful for and so many amazing things have happened that I'd love to share on my blog...but I just feel plain awful. So much so that I'm truly lacking any creativity and brain power. It's impossible to sleep comfortably~ I'm up all night long, I don't have much of an appetite ~as I have no where to put any food, and I get so frustrated with my body because I have so much to do before these babies come.... but no energy to get anything done. I hate complaining... I really do... the babies have been so healthy and pregnancy has been going so well...I'm just at the really difficult home stretch right now...and I still have a hard time believing that I'll be a mother of two little girls very soon.

But because I hate breaking traditions..... I at least wanted to post a weekly photo.... and because the size of my belly shocks me.

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