Thursday, January 21, 2016

My "Word" for 2016


Hey Friends,

How we all doing?  It's 2016, just in case you missed that calendar flip.  And in this new year, my mind has really been trying to focus on "my word" for 2016: "Organization."

You see last year was a huge year of growth for my business, and this year will be a huge year of growth for my family~ as I'm expecting a Baby Boy due in May. 

What does this mean for me?  It means this girlfriend must slow down a little bit and get really focus on getting organized, purging, and simplifying.  Friends, ughh...this is such a weakness of mine because I LOVE to go go go and I hate the idea of "missing out" on the next fun thing, or a big promotional opportunity.  But the great news is that business is very steady and continuing to grow. I'm so incredibly grateful for that.  So no matter, how hard it is for me to switch gears slightly...I must, because it just feels like the right time.

So what needs "organization" you ask?  Hmm, well my husband would say everything.  He's a freak about all things being tidy and efficient.  It's one of those qualities about him that I love/hate.  The big things I want to focus on are:
  • Home/Space Maximization
  • Business Workflow/Streamlining  
  • Personal Photos/Album Making
Organization is increasingly important, especially this year, because like Justin once said...."Having twins is like trying to put books back on a bookshelf while the earthquake is still happening, all day, everyday."  And now with their little brother on the way we have to find some special earthquake conquering powers.  On top of that I am running a business that I love, which requires lots of detailing and great time management.

So that's my "word." What is yours? If you have one I really encourage you to share it with others.  It helps immensely.  And please don't get discouraged if you fall off track a bit, it fact...I'm currently trying to jump back on board after a few days of chaos. 

Cheers to a New Year and New Goals Ahead.

Much Love,
Jennifer Starr
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