Friday, January 30, 2015

{Featured Friday} "J.Starr, Featured Designer~Tantalizing Tables"

Happy Friday All!
How in the world did I never share this blog post before now?  This fabulous evening happened on a hot summer night in August of 2014.  This was the fourth time I was a Featured Designer for the National Catering Association (Phoenix Chapter) Tantalizing Tables Showcase Event.  
The design concept I chose for my table was "Fashion Couture."  The main goal of the Tantalizing Tables event is for Designers/Planners to highlight on all the upcoming trends in the Wedding Industry. 
As Wedding Designers we must caution clients not to follow trends to the extreme...we want them...years from now, to look back on their wedding days and still view them as classic, sophisticated, timeless. I feel that like fashion it is important not to be too trendy...because "trendy" is often the last phase before a style becomes "tacky." 
With those thoughts in mind, I designed a table based on "Fashion Couture" "Fashion" symbolizing the classic look and "Couture" symbolizing the customization needed for each individual client.
The brand new "Gold Sequin Taffeta" linen by Southwick Linens was very eye catching and dramatic. The table was topped with a black chandelier and covered in different shades of various white flowers, provided by Renata Hodl.  The finishing touched included black, white, and gold menu cards provided by The Event Essentials along with Coco Chanel inspired party favor cupcakes provided by Piece of Cake Desserts. 
Lastly, I added a fashion "step and repeat" runway with my custom made up lit logoed backdrop...including red rope stations and rose petal carpet.  It was such a joy to see everyone pose in front of the step and repeat with big fabulous smiles are their faces.

Add to add to the fun....Renata (Florist), Haley (J.Starr Intern), along with myself wore elegant gowns provided by Suzanne's Bridal.  Shannon Thomas, Beauty Director of Studio 3 Beauty Design completed the "look" with professional hair and make up application.


                                   J.Starr Stylized Weddings, Jennifer Starr ~ Designer/Planner
Renata's Designs~ Florist
Southwick Linens ~ Linens, Chair Covers & Ties, Bronze Chargers
The Event Essentials ~ Table Menus
Piece of Cake Desserts ~ Cupcake Party Favors
Suzanne’s Bridal ~ Formal Dresses
Studio 3 Beauty Design ~Hair/Makeup ~Shannon Thomas 
Haley Cwiakala ~J.Starr Intern

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

{The Wednesday Whim}

(Little Girls + Lots of Room to Run}
Hi Friends...Here's a little recap of January up till now.  It's been an unbelievably busy month...especially it terms of J.Starr endeavors.  January is always a active month in the Wedding Industry...not so much with actually "booked" events, but more so with lots of promotional events.  I'm a little beat, but incredibly grateful.  And I'm glad I blog, because if I didn't, I don't think I'd take the time to pause and appreciate all that has happened in a short amount of time.   

(Pretty Much all of January, up until today 1.28.15)  

Highlights of the last few weeks included:
~Family Dinner Date at Jimmy & Kelly's
~My Dad's Birthday
~I designed/coordinated Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine's Bridal Booth
~A few very much appreciated Date Nights with my Guy
~Featured Vendor at Seville's Bridal Open House
~I designed/coordinated two Bridal Magazine Editorial Cover Shoots for Arizona's Finest Wedding Sites Magazine.
~Family Picnic with my Loves
~Featured Vendor at The W Scottsdale's Mock Wedding
~Lots of J.Starr Client Meetings
~Sushi + Catch up Session with Renata
~Babies First Dance Class
~Pumpkin Soup Lunch Date with Addie Jo

Fab finds:
~No7 Pampering Dry Oil Body Spray ~ little gift from my mom, who has amazing skin!
~Baseball Fields. YES, empty baseball fields are my new favorite place ever.  I pack up the babes... head down to the fields, find an empty field, secure all the openings....let the girls loose! Then, I  can run laps around the perimeter of the fields while the girls have the time of their lives.  It's the best sense of false freedom, ever.
Yes this actually happened:
~I bought a cupcake out of an ATM.
Something Inspiring:

YES, One of my best girlfriends (Melissa) sent this quote to me on a day I really needed to hear it! 
Baby Moments I Want to Remember:
~Those two little girls, oh wow. 

Words they say:
bubbles, bye bye, hat, car, no, no, no,  socks and shoes, daddy, mommy, bird, fish, dog, uh oh, all, I'll get it, boo, hook, hook, hook, da da da DA GRINCH, happy (apPEE), mmm good, berries, eweee, stinky, hiiii, sister (seesaw), nose, eyes, hair, toes, oooohs, cracker, all done, teeth, banana, good girl, meeeow.

~Hannah doesn't wear pants, takes them off at any given chance
~They are currently obsessed with wearing tap shoes and rain boots
~They have learned how to turn off all the light switches
~Love closing doors. 
~Favorite movies currently are: "Hook", "Jumanji", "The Grinch", and they like "Curious George."
~They've moved past the biting and are now into pushing and hair pulling
~Hannah gives the best "tackle" hugs
~Emma "kisses" a little too well and also walks extremely well in heels.


 Highlights From the Last Few Weeks....

First day of the year...enjoyed a few moments of alone time...sipping on a latte and opening mail.  Loved this sweet thank you from Derrick and Addie....Pretty proud that my hubby captured that amazing shot of that perfect moment.

Olive insisted on helping me select the male models for our cover shoots.

My lovely little dinner dates

Picking up the Christmas d├ęcor, crossing off our Traditions "Wish List"

Pajamas + The Park

Such big girls, going to the slide by themselves

Best of Times with Jimmy & Kelly and their Darling Little Crew

 Project Inspirations

 Dad's Birthday Celebration...tons of family + chaos...Dad loves it.
Creative collaborations with these two, makes my heart happy.

I practically lived at Suzanne's Bridal Dress Shop this month...I even got to meet Kitty Chen, Wedding Gown Designer Extraordinaire.

Wine + Postino's Brushetta + My Guy, Yes.

Horchata & Chorizo. Easy like Sunday Morning (babies at Grams and Gramps.)

Another cover shoot, coming soon!

Yep. sure did. 

Baseball Fields

It was a Peanut Butter Sandwich + Play Dough kind of night....

"Pants, aint nobody got time for that" ~Hannah

Yep, that's spaghetti all over that basket of clean clothes, thanks Emma.

Splish Splash

Sometimes my home office, just isn't practical.

Bridal Open Seville

Special thank you to Southwick Linens for making my table displays look so pretty.

Sunday Funday Picnic

"It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving, I'll tell you one's always better when we're together."
My little "dug out" dolls


Movie Date Night: American Sniper (so much for a relaxing movie)

My new FAVORITE candle:  Fig Bergamot by "kekemomo"

Cutest little girls at Wiggle Worms, in my opinion.

Often people say..."Is your life like J Lo, from the Wedding Planner movie?" Yep, sure is. #myironiclife

Featured Vendor at the W Scottsdale

Sushi and Catch up Sessions with one of my Soul Sisters

Babies First Dance Class
 2nd Magazine Cover Shoot of the Month
Addie Jo stopped by to bring me lunch, smooch on my babies, and make fun of me a bit, good times.

Monday, January 26, 2015

{Monday Musings} "First Family Vacation"

Good Morning All, and Happy Monday! 
Wow, what a weekend.  Mine was chuck full of work related activities and tasks..."mock weddings", entertainment & floral meetings with a J.Starr couple "to be", sushi and catch up session with a dear friend...and the majority of Sunday was spent working on my new website and revising my pricing collections.  So needless to say, the little ladies got in tons of alone time with Daddy.  We did however sneak a little "Sonic Drive In" family lunch date, which consisted of Emma throwing tater tots at me in a fit of rage because I later realized she wanted to "hold" the tater tot container. (weird kid)
Anyways, I woke up this morning feeling I thought today I'd try and relax my mind a bit by sharing photos from our first official "Family" Vacation (back in November of last year) Justin and I had been able to get in two much needed resort staycations + one extended weekend Vegas Trip prior (since the babies were born) but this was the first time it was the "four" of us plus my Mom, Dad, and Brother. 
All in all, it was heavenly.  Here a few highlights.....

 My Tribe.
Emma Loving Life!
No place I'd rather be...
Searching for shells
Fun Times with Grandpa, Hannah never left his side. 
So Fun!
In true "Norris" Family form, we stayed at our beloved "Beach Cottages"
And if you're ever wanting to experience some of the most awkward moments of your should try playing "Cards Against Humanity" with your parents. 
Beach Bums
We prepared our "Beachgiving" Feast, complete with fresh seafood from the Fish Market.
Pinch Me, Still Can't Believe They're Real...
"Whoa Daddy!" 
"Crystal Pier" holds special meaning to us.  The Babies loved it!
Fun in the Sun
"Beach Baby" nothing sweeter. 

Treasured time with my Brother
When can we go back? 

Thank you Mom and Dad for making this trip so special, We Love You! 

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