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Meet Linda Valenzuela..... A Fabulous Person You Should Know.
Linda Valenzuela, Makeup Artist & Hair Designer
Phoenix, AZ 85010

What type of business do you own or are you associated with? 
Since I started in the beauty industry I have always used this statement: "I am in the business of transforming the fashion industry's secret weapons into affordable beauty tools for real people."

What has been your proudest moment from owning your own business?
One of my proudest moments was when all of my effort and sacrifices were recognized when I was chosen as an "Honored Latina Entrepreneur of Influence Whose Talent is Contributing to Arizona's Economy" in the Prensa Hispana Newspaper.

What makes your business/job special?  
 Because of my experience, I feel comfortable in delivering what clients need and I try to really understand my clients.  I feel it is also very important to make sure my clients are done according to schedule.  They are never late.

What inspires your work? 
I love to work! I love being a part of projects. I love to have my creativity challenged.  These are some of the things that inspire me, and also the satisfaction I get from a finished project.

What's the best piece of advice you've been given?
Bill Hester, one of my earliest mentors, told me to "never stop learning."

What sets you apart from other businesses in your field?
I use Mia Cosmetics, our own line of Makeup... We create any look a client desires while enhancing their true, natural beauty. 

What will make me even more interested in you and/or your business? 
I started when I was 17, and through the years I have tried to find ways to make makeup application easier for my fellow workers as well as my clients.  We have techniques to make hairstyles last all day.

  How does your business relate to or benefit the Wedding Industry?
My job as a cosmetologist is to style BRIDES... and I enjoy it SO MUCH!

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Bringing Home the Bugs {Personal Highlights ~ December 2012}

Wow, I have so much personal blogging to catch up on, what an amazing past 8 months it has been...and of course between myself and know it's been documented...because why not live a life worth documenting?

Okay, allow me to rewind a little bit here.... this blog follows these blog posts:
The Arrival of Hannah & Emma Pt. 1
The Arrival of Hannah & Emma Pt. 2
Our Hospital Stay

It was the morning of New Years Eve....and we were being released from the was time to "Bring Home the Bugs" .  I again asked Justin to share in some moments that he remembered the following memories will be from both of us.....{as I hope to transfer this post into their baby books}

I remember taking a shower that morning...I was so proud and happy that I could do that all by myself.  I remember washing my hair and feeling amazing.  Even then I remember being in absolute shock of how amazing a women's human body is.  Granted yes, I still was moving very slowly, and of course I still had a baby belly....but it was nothing compared to my belly size before.  I felt oh so grateful to feel like "myself" again.  I was beyond excited to bring our little loves home and start our new life together.  I was so THANKFUL that the babies were healthy and that I was recovering....and that the whole "medical" part was OVER. 

I remember taking a really long shower...I remember worrying "is Justin okay out there?" Should I leave him alone this long....I wasn't worried that he couldn't "handle it" I was worried because he was so sleep deprived.  He had slept {well tried to} on a tiny little slab of cushion next to me the past three nights, while jumping up every hour to feed and change babies.  When I walked out of the bathroom I remember finding him like this.... {below} with the girls...they all looked so peaceful and relaxed together, my little trio.

I remember driving home from work the night before we brought the babies home.  I had to go into work to do some documentation, so I headed to Scottsdale completely sleep deprived.  After working for a couple hours I finally installed the car seats in the parking lot of my work.  I read the instructions at least 5 times and sat on the car seats bases as I strapped them in.  Driving home I began to have a mental breakdown due to exhaustion and realized I had to get off the road. When I got home I called Jen at the hospital and she asked me to pick out some "coming home" outfits for the babies.  I was so out of my mind and was so worried about picking the "wrong" outfits that I went into a "panic"....but ended up picking some pretty cute outfits if I do say so myself.   
I remember being so happy to see my mom that morning.  She came up to help us get the babies home and to stay with us for awhile.  She looked so happy and full of joy when she walked into that hospital room that morning.  She had already fell madly in love with her little grandaughters {she hadn't learned their names until the first time she saw them, we kept their names a secret from everyone}. I was so relieved she was there because I knew Justin was on his last leg.  She helped us to pack up and change the babies into their precious little "going home" outfits. 

I remember strapping those tiny little babies in those seemingly huge car seats.  I just wanted them to be safe for the 10 minute drive home.  It was the first time out in the "real world".  I carried those two little babies out of the hospital and remember hearing everyone "goo" and "gah" over the "twins".  It was the only time in my life that I craved the attention, only the attention wasn't on me...but I was more proud than ever. I remember wanting to "set up the perfect shot" as we exited the hospital, but the nurse that was helping us out walked way too fast, so I missed that "shot". 

I remember feeling instantly worried as we walked "outside" was cold, and the "flu" season was starting.  I remember passing people in the lobby and outside the hospital and thinking to myself "please stay away from my babies". I just wanted them home. 

Our Little Emma {I know because I purposely assigned her the "white" hair bow}

We loaded up the car...complete with our bags, all the baby gear and some lovely flowers from my cousin Bri and my Mom.  We had decided prior to having the babies that we were only going to allow "immediate" family to visit us in the hospital.  And that was BY FAR one of the BEST decisions we made regarding the "hospital".  I LOVE my friends and family, don't get me wrong.  But those first days were so special and so sacred, and I'm so happy that we weren't "entertaining" during that was just about the babies and us...and it was amazing.
Our little Hannah { with her "pink" bow.} 
 I knew I would want to know who was who, so one day when they look through their baby books I can tell them "that was you, honey". 
It's important for twins to feel like "individuals" because they are!
On the way home I remember Justin being on pins and we drove down Chandler Blvd.  And of course, we were almost side swiped by a lady {not looking and talking on her cell phone} who tried changing lanes to get over to the gas station and nearly hitting our car.  Justin went into a full rage and I almost thought he was going to pull over the car and scream at her...but he didn't...he just continued to white knuckle it the rest of the way home. 

Finally we were home!  I took the babies out of their car seats and put them in to their bouncies in their new home...for the first time.  Just moments later... I remember I heard my mother-in-law SCREAM while she was in the bathroom.....INSERT the first scorpion  sighting in our home...not merely 5 minutes after we were home.  My father-in-law had to come up and evacuate all the girls from our home as I hired the first company that would answer their phone that day....mind you it was New Years Eve. 
I remember my dad driving us over to my Granny's  home while the exterminator came over to spray.  I remember my mom sat between the babies in the back seat, and cried the whole way over to my Granny's home...she was crying because the babies were crying....and because she's deathly afraid of scorpions...then I started crying...good thing my dad was driving.  When we got to my Granny's home I realized I had forgotten "nipples"... so I called my brother and asked him to go buy some and bring them over...I remember cracking up to myself...thinking " I just sent my 22 year old brother to the store for "nipples"....  
After the "scorpion slayer" assured us it was fine to bring the babies home... we finally got home AGAIN and was New Years Eve.... A fresh new year was about to begin...we had no idea what was in store for us....I remember laying in bed that night with our babies, and thinking wow...

And that was how we rung in the New Year..... and Justin was finally in his own bed.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Manic Monday 8.26.13

Well, this photo {above) certainly wasn't the most "elegant" photo taken this past week....but it's the one that means the most to me.  As my cousin Bri, pointed out ...this photo encompasses nearly all the things I husband, my precious babies, and the Event Designing World... and for a very brief moment in time, all my roles collided and resulted in this photo...and well, that makes my heart happy.
Highlights of last week included:
Where to begin! It was such a fun action packed week!!! 
~J.Starr Stylized Weddings proudly showcased a lovely "Bohemian Glam" table for the third year in a row at the NACE Tantalizing Tables Event {stay tuned for an upcoming blog post with all the fun details}
~ Lots of time in Casa Grande with the family
~ Sleepover with my former college roommates to celebrate Melissa's birthday.
Yes This Actually Happened:
~Found myself sitting on the floor surrounding by floral, fancy linens, and everything glam....while I spoon fed my little cubs and Justin constructed a Boho Canopy. 
 ~Treated myself to a bubble bath one night to soak my very sore {I carry two 16 pound babies all day} muscles in. Babies were sleeping, Justin was buying groceries, tub was filled with warm water and five different types of bath products mixed in...and just as I got in the tub and starting reading one of my all time favorite insane wiener dog; Olive started barking and barking and barking, and barking....causing my highly anticipated bath time to end very early. damn dog.

Feeling Appreciative:
~We feel so appreciative for our dear friends who have loaned us so many awesome baby toys!!  It's crazy expensive having twins...double formula, double diapers, double wipes, double baby food, double the medical bills, double clothing, DOUBLE EVERYTHING.  So it's SO NICE to have such awesome people in our lives who share so many great things with us.  We Love You!
~ I realized something about awkward social settings I tend to hug people I barely know...and then I'm like "oh wow, did I just hug them?" I guess there are worse things I could do.
~As I sat with my two beautiful friends Andrea and Melissa at the ultra chic Culinary Drop Out Restaurant...I realized that out of the three of us, I have officially become "Phoebe"...sitting there with my straight long hair, goofy hat, as my little "multiples" played at home.  They then informed me that I've always been Phoebe, all weird and odd like.  Gee...thanks. 
New Fab Finds:
 ~I found myself watching the first episode of  "Black is the New Orange" on Netflix...and had to watch the entire season in a week and half.  It's incredibly crude and disturbing but I couldn't turn it off...the characters are so fascinating...and I love the opening song....The Animals, The Animals....

Baby Moments I Want to Remember: 
After every bite of her baby food she has to put her right hand in mouth, as if it doesn't taste the same without it.  She's overall all very jolly and laid back.  However when she does get mad, everyone knows because she YELLS loud. 
 very sweet, but yes, she's still the "worrier", always looking out for her little sister.  She's starting to pop up on her knees a little bit.  She constantly chews everything. She tends to cry if me or Justin walk out of the room...she's our little tender heart.
Emma and her ever so tasty hand

 Hannah Bear
 My amazing friend and design partner: Renata Hodl.  We just love seeing our visions come to life.

Getting my glam on, thanks to Linda Valenzula.

Me and the man who helps to turn all my dreams into reality, regardless of how bizarre they are.  
Sneak Peak

My dear friend Julie, was able to attend the event as my second date.

I so enjoyed sharing a dinner table with these to lovely ladies...Monique and April 

I was a zombie the following day, thankfully my mom came up to help with the buggies.

One of the BEST parts of my industry is the amazing florals you take home and enjoy in your home for days following the event.


The 15 second enjoyable bubble bath.

Classic Ems 

Snuggles from Daddy are the BEST

Friday morning I REALLY needed to clean my home, but Hannah insisted that I hold her all morning instead.  She Won. 

My cousin's sweet little daughter Gracie and my Grandpa.  I just LOVE this photo...such an awesome Grandpa!

Uncle Dan {my dad's youngest brother} finally got to meet his Great Nieces!

Emma and my cousin's other little girl Ellie. 

Danny and the Girls

Family Fun, Norris Style.

The Babies are SO LOVED, and I'm so grateful.

My favorite Stella & Dot Stylist, Melissa Jonovich.  I'm seriously so addicted to the beautiful pieces.  Check out her website here.
Night out on the town with these hotties!
Dinner & Live Music at Culinary Dropout

Followed by an "Accessory Exchange" Party at the hotel
The babies in their very own home Toy Store!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Manic Monday 8.19.13

Buggies' First Ponies!

 Highlights of last week included:
~Justin had the week off for vacation, I chose to only work 2 half days while he was we had a lot of time together at home with our girls.  We thought for sure that we'd be able to get more projects done around the house, and thought we'd be able to spend some time with friends...then we remembered, we have two babies....managing realistic expectations can be challenging, when you're parents.

Yes This Actually Happened:
~I was on the search for a Bohemian hair chain, when I found baby (teeny teeny tiny) hair bands and clips...resulting in " Buggies First Ponies" {photo above}.
I had a mommy meltdown on Saturday.  I sat in the living room and cried, telling Justin..."It's just so hard sometimes".   Don't get me wrong, becoming a mommy is by far the coolest, most rewarding, most amazing thing that's ever happened to me....but YES sometimes it's hard.  I've been so exhausted lately, and my body constantly aches from carrying these little turkey's around. {I need to hit the gym more, to get my energy and strength back up}.  I've found that if I want to do all things that I want to do...I have to have a game plan and stay organized all the time. If I get behind...everything gets thrown out of wack.  I also have be more realistic with time and expectations.  Now that we have kiddos our lives have changed a lot naturally.  But I still don't want to surrender everything...I still want to grow my business, I still want to spend time with friends, I still want to have a pretty fun things...wear make up and high heels sometimes... read a book or two...and I don't think those wants are necessarily selfish wants.  I just need to find way realistic ways to make it happen and work towards creating a better balance...and be more appreciative of our accomplishments when they do happen.  Wow, how do all you fabulous mommy's do it??? 
New Fab Finds:
~Bought myself a new "bohemian glam inspired" dress to wear to my "Tantalizing Tables" event tomorrow night. I realized as I was standing in the dressing room that this was the first outfit I've bought since having the babies.  Wow. 
~Menthol Back Patches, introduced to me by my smarty pants Physical Therapist husband! They feel awesome on body aches, I'm tempted to cover myself in them.  I never would have thought caring for twins would be so physically demanding.

Baby Moments I Want to Remember: 
We are entering a new stage.  They are little wild and crazy people now.  They want to go go to all the time. They are now eating stage two baby food, yahoo! They still roll all over the place, especially Emma.  This last week Hannah has started "separation anxiety" crying.  She bawls every time mommy or daddy step out of the room. It's so sad.  They both have top and bottom teeth coming in, it's beyond cute.   I know they're just about to start full on crawling, as they're both starting to get up on their knees a little bit.  They aren't quite sitting up all on they're own yet, but I know that's just around the corner too.  Per their doc's appointment last week:Hannah weighs: 16 lbs and Emma weighs 15 lbs & 14oz..
Justin painted frames and hung up are 101 lists for me!  LOVE IT!  There's just something so powerful about visually seeing your goals listed out everyday. It really helps  them to seep into your sub conscious...and before you know it you're crossing items off!

Morning Bugs.


Mad Bugs {after getting their shots}
It's not uncommon to walk into our home and see something like this....we we're working on an upcoming event project. 
Life & Times of Emma.

Sammy Dings, our First Baby. 

Life & Times of Hannah
Sunday. Funday.



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