Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eleventh Annual Halloween Bash

Let me preface this post by saying, I can't believe at one point I actually said out loud " I don't think I want to have the party."

You see, as an Event Planner/Designer sometimes it's REALLY difficult to "go simple" REALLY difficult.  But what it came down to, this particular year was it simple, or don't do it at all.   You see, we've been throwing these parties for many years now...and they had escalated into some really amazing events.....last year {also combining the Babies' Shower}...we hosted it at a venue with 75 plus guests, we had catering, dj, photo booth, floral, desserts, rented sparkling trees, hot pink pipe and drape...and well....yes it was AAAAMAZING. 

But now we're at a place in life where we simply don't have the time, budget, and much needed energy to pull off an "over the top" event {at least not right now}.  I thought about my Grandma Jane, who had seven children, had a job, and still maintained an active social life....  I had to ask myself...what's it REALLY all about???  It was refreshing to remember that it's really only about getting our friends together for a good time....and so...we did.

Even though we're now parents, we decided we still want to keep this tradition the same, making it an "adult only" event.  Of course we'll do tons of fun things with the bugs...but this is one thing that we want to keep the's rare that we can get all of our friends together at the same time in the same place, then add in their costumes, and it makes for a hilarious evening!  This year the party was in our home, there was no theme, we simply called it a " Good Ole Fashion Halloween Party"...and it was a blast!

P.S. I wish I could invite all my readers....please know if I could, I would, I appreciate you reading, following and being there in "spirit".

P.P.S. To my attending friends, yes there's many more photos, and yes I'll be posting them to Facebook soon!

{Welcome Display, and The Host and Hostess, with the "Simplified" Mostess}
 {Chase and his Homies, Love these Peeps}
{Addie and Derek}
{Costume Contest Finalist}
{Tom & Claudia}
{Brian & Kim/Fuzz & Lue}
{And the Costume Contest Winners! 1st Place = Luke & Marlene/2nd Place = Noah & Andrea}
{Melissa, Andrea, Me/Cathy & Nick}
{Tommy LOVED his He-Man Costume!}
{Bri & Donnie/ Stinks & Me}
{Party People!}
{My former Seville Girls}
{And...the night wrapped around 2am with "He-Man" doing pull ups, quite fitting. I laughed about this repeatedly the following day....Tommy cracks me up!}

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mindful Monday 10.28.13


{Yes This Actually Happened:}
~I attended the NACE Creating Fashion for a Cause Event, in which all the models are dressed in non typical fashion items...{example a photographer made a dress made of filmstrips} of the dresses was a "S'mores Dress". I walked into the event that night feeling so hungry, it took all my self control not to pull a marshmallow off her skirt.   

{Fab Finds:} 
~I don't watch much t.v......occasionally the news and I usually have one Netflix series that I'm into.  But there is ONE NEW SHOW that I allow myself to watch whenever I can.  I base my entire "Mommy/Work Day" around it.  It's called "Bethenny" yes, it's a talk show and yes it's so inspiring! I just adore the host Bethenny Frankel she's an amazing entrepreneur!!!  Check my girl out! Definitely worth tivoing! 

{Feeling Appreciative:} 
~For our friend Noah, who spent his Sunday morning/afternoon over at our home helping Justin to install baseboards in our front room.  This was a task that Justin wanted finished BEFORE we moved into our home last forward twelve months later and add in twin we are! THANK YOU Noah!

~Justin actually says to me " I really like that ROAR song"....


{Baby Moments:} 

As long as  your comfy Olive, that's all that matters.  

We've progressed to using the shopping cart!  And I was still able to fit $160.00 worth of groceries in there. 

Had the BEST SATURDAY EVER! We had ZERO plans {this is rare in our home} So we cruised down to the Gilbert Farmer's Market...enjoyed all the sights and sounds...and then ended up in the lawn dining area at Postinos and enjoyed SUCH a comfy and leisurely lunch.  So many passerbyers stopped to stare at our little girls playing together in the lawn...and I definitely shed a few happy I watched my little beauties in the sunshine.  I've said it a million times, I can't believe they're real and I can't believe their ours. 

Swinging on the Swing....Hannah loved it, Emma...not so much.

The babies enjoyed a lovely sunset stroll with their second cousins, and me and my cousin.
Justin was able to hit up a Halloween Party hosted by some friends of ours on Saturday night.   His big brother Shannon was there.

So proud of my kid brother!  He recently accepted a Management Position at the Arizona Science Center, he's going places in the world....this is just the beginning!

So... my ma, pa, and the buggies had to go check his new job out.  By the end of the day I annoyed my family by making them stop and take a quick photo.....Smile damn it.


This lovely lady was my date to the NACE Creating Fashion for a Cause Event..... poor girl was feeling terrible...but she made it through the whole event....well technically we skipped dessert....but that was a smart move. 

Another shot from Mo & Tom's Halloween Party.....Mo and Tom {pictured above as Shawn Connery in the SNL Jeopardy Skit} LOVE Halloween, dare I say even more than I do!  In fact they even got married around Halloween a few years back...and yes...Justin photographed their wedding and I coordinated it, they are so much fun!   


These little bugs are awesome fitness companions, they enjoy their long morning walks with Mommy.  

Last week got in 400 minutes of walking and I got in a 20 minute run on my own.  So simple.  On my run however, I did get spooked by a homeless man who appeared from out of no where...I've never ran so fast in life, who knew? If only he would agree to spook me on a daily basis. 

{J.Starr Stylized Weddings}:

I'm thrilled to be planning and designing a GRAND Opening Celebration for Ignite Creative Services. A big thank you to my past Bride, Celia and past Groom, Ryan for the awesome opportunity!


I never thought I'd be so excited about baseboards before, but I love them!
Did I ever introduce you all to our new edition, "Veronica?"  Isn't she just so sassy and fantastic!  She hangs in our entryway....and greets each guest with sparkle and sass.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mindful Monday 10.21.13

{Yes This Actually Happened:}
~We hosted our 11th Annual Halloween Bash ! So many fun things to share, I'll try my best to do a post on Wednesday with photos and details!

{Fab Finds:} 
~Safeway Delivery Service! Oh my goodness, I actually had my groceries delivered this past week....Ahhmaazzzing, as with the babies it usually takes me A LOT of time to accomplish this task.  Instead, I simply ordered all my groceries one day while the babies were napping and then whaa laa, the next day they were delivered! The first time you do this the delivery fee is waived! The only bummer thing is that Safeway tends to be a little more pricey than other grocery I may check out some other stores that deliver.

{Feeling Appreciative:} 
~ Special thank you to Lue {Owner of Urban Oasis Décor} and her hubby "Fuzz" Patterson for spending their Wednesday evening installing our new FABULOUS chandelier in the dining room!
~For amazing family and friends. And for a husband who worked 19 days in a row, and on his first day off, spent then entire day with me cleaning our home and setting up for our party. I love you honey, thank you for always going the extra mile to life so special. 
 ~I may or may not have googled "How to cook broccoli" and then never made it.

{Baby Moments:} 

First Toothbrushes! {Hannah}

Practicing with their Sippy Cups

Fighting over the flameless candle remote
Bubble Baths {Emma}


Fun times with Grammie

Fun Times with Grandpa

Me and my Brother, he joined in the fun at our Halloween Party.... his friends are the best!

We didn't get to see Shannon {Justin's brother} yesterday on his birthday so the girls sent him a special message.

Such a fun night with so many of our awesome friends at our party!

We were able to get in four walks last week {250 minutes total} and I attempted my first "run" {20 minutes}.  I so LOVE Arizona in the Fall! 
{J.Starr Stylized Weddings}: 

Selected all the Floral Designs for an upcoming J.Starr Bride.  I'm SO EXCITED...her Wedding is going to be STUNNING.  Special thank you Kristen Mandly, Owner of Blume Events.
No, our formal dining room isn't complete yet...but I'd say its 75% of the way DONE.  {I'll post photos soon}.


Monday, October 14, 2013

"Mindful Mondays" 10.14.13

Loved working Saturday's Wedding along side of this hottie.
Yes, that's right...I'm changing things it up a bit.  No more "Manic Mondays" I recently discovered that a synonym for the word "Manic" is "Unbalanced"....and that is the exact opposite of what I'm seeking in life right now. 

When I started featuring"Manic Mondays" on my life yes indeed MANIC.  I was working a corporate job, while trying to start and grow my own business on the side...working all the time....spent WAY too much money on Starbucks, life was nuts. 
Since becoming a mom and {thankfully} leaving my corporate job..... life has naturally forced me to become a better balanced person...when you have children {especially two at the same time} I'm learning that you have to seek better balance in order to be a happy and healthy person.    
So, moving forward...I share with you no more "Manic" Mondays...instead "Mindful" a weekly reminder to myself not to get so hung up and intensely focused  on specific projects, instead.....focus on trying to incorporate all the important aspects of my life on a daily/weekly basis.... 

{Family}: Last week, Justin & I were hit with fun, no fun at all.  Thankfully Justin ended up taking the buggies down to my folks home, so I could get better....although we felt kinda crummy we still snuck in a Sushi Date one evening a Breakfast Date one morning. 

{Friends}:  Confession...I'm feeling like a lousy friend lately.  I totally broke a big rule of mine and wished some of my dearest girlfriends "Happy Birthday" via text message, and facebook....this is SUCH a no no of mine....I better make it up to them this week.

{Health}:  Despite being sick, still managed to get in three walks with the buggies {170 minutes total}....but sadly didn't "track" my food for three out of the seven days last week. {TRACKING YOUR FOOD IS EVERYTHING!}  But I did reach a pretty cool milestone of 25lbs of weight loss since February of this year....feeling good.

{Career}:  Had a blast working a wedding with my favorite photographer {Justin} and also April Kuebler, Director of Catering at San Tan the venue and staff there!

{Home}:  My home looks like a tornado hit it....and we're having a party this coming Saturday Night... this should be interesting.  Didn't get to work on the home at all last week...but I'll be making up for it this week. 

{Yes This Actually Happened:} So every year Justin and I have an argument over what our Halloween Costumes are going to be {no joke} it hasn't happened yet...but we still have no clue what we're going to dress up's kind of hilarious that we host a Halloween Party every year, but never no what we're going to be until the day before... Justin has suggested: Jay Z & Beyoncé {because that makes total sense???}Robin Thicke & Miley Cyrus{but that would be too overdone and too trendy} or Walter & Jesse from Breaking Bad {but we both would want to be Walter, so that wont work}....stay tuned...we are beyond clueless at this point.

{Fab Finds:} 
~The Farmhouse Restaurant in downtown Gilbert.  Sunday morning we woke up childless and very we went on breakfast date...something we used to do all the time before becoming parents...and appreciated the time so much more now.  We tried out a place we've never been before, delicious food, and it totally reminded me of Casa Grande {my hometown} for some weird reason, I liked it.

{Feeling Appreciative:} To be healthy again! 
{Confessions:}~So in my delirious state of mind last week...I started watching LOST.  I know, I know, it's like sooooo five years ago...but my friend Aimee said it's the best show she's ever watched, so I thought I'd give it a has held my attention so far, though I'm starting to fall away a bit...the polar bear thing is bothering me, is that real, or was that the cold medicine I was taking?
{Baby Moments I Want to Remember:} 
Sippy Cups~Still Crawling like Baby Navy Seals~I swear they're trying their hardest to say "Mom"~Nibbling on Waffle Wheels~Emma has to eat her baby foods with her hands in her mouth at the same time~Hannah still tries to kiss everything~they play together so well~making new vowel sounds~love their morning walks~ 

{Highlights of last week included:}

Morning Walks
The list of instructions I sent down to my amazing parents.  After I wrote it out I thought to's a I really do that everyday?  No wonder I always feel "behind"...time to get more realistic with my time and expectations of myself {insert "Mindful Monday"}
 Loved the colors of Saturday's Wedding..cobalt blue, white, and silver.
I always have the best views...
Mom's always great about texting me photos of the they are with their Grandpa 
And their Great Grandpa
They photo makes me laugh, this is my exhausted parents....after watching their Grandchildren.  So thankful for them!
And my little stinkers back at home...oh how I love those little tushies!

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