Monday, September 30, 2013

Manic Monday 9.30.13

{Babies at their 9 Month Check Up} Hannah LOVES the fishies!

~MANIC MONDAY~ {in photos}
Welp, it's Monday.  Monday evening.  And the truth is I'm just too exhausted to try and be witty at the moment... so allow me to share waaaay too many photos of day to day life.... I think this past week was by far  the most domestic one I've had in a long time, fairly uneventful but truth is...I kind of liked it...{shh..don't tell anyone}... 

The buggies and I took several walks....because now WE CAN! Goodbye Summer...  

I made Mediterranean Quinoa...  my new FAV

They're always up for an adventure....

My Loves turned 9 Months...

"Mommy, we see a pattern forming..."

My favorite photographer shot one of my fabulous couple's Engagement Session.  Looking hot Luke & Marlene...
How to shop at Costco with twins.... P.S. Hannah is NOT a fan of the Veggie Sticks!

Smooches from Grammie...
Arizona Sunsets....
Justin restored the Dining Room table he used to eat at with his Family, for our Dining Room. ..Looks amazing!
Pork Chops....because I was proud {sad I know}
My parents officially kicked my last boxes out of their home, forcing me to make super awkward decisions... like what am I suppose to do with the GIANT trophy I won for my "bike float" in the 4th of July Parade???
Sunday Funday was a Home Improvement/D├ęcor Day...and Sammy was extremely helpful. 
These two....mmm... not so much :)
Daddy enjoyed his last long weekend with his girls as he'll be working like a dawg the next two weeks, shooting double weddings each weekend.
THIS SHOW {Breaking Bad}.  Wow.  I was a nervous wreck because we don't have cable and we NEEDED to see the finale episode {in REAL time} because I didn't want the media to ruin it for us.  Special thanks to Ryan for the awesome hook up!  Oh Walter White...I will miss you so. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Manic Monday 9.23.13



Highlights of last week included:
~Celebrated my Brother's 23rd Birthday
~Visit from Melissa and her little guy Gregory
~J.Starr Wedding
~Family date to the Zoo
~Last minute Sunday night Sushi date with my guy

Yes This Actually Happened:
~After leaving our accountant's office, Justin had placed a big manila envelope full of all of our most important docs, on top of the car.. while he was loading in a baby...then we drove away {with the envelope still on the car} luckily a good person waived us down, after seeing the envelope fly off the car a few blocks back...luckily we were able to retrieve it, complete with tire marks all over it.  Thank you nice lady.
~I got myself soaked playing in the splash pad at the zoo with my little ones, and it was totally worth it every moment.

Feeling Appreciative:
 ~For a sweet former coworker who made the comment "Wow, you'd never guess you had twins a short while ago" I almost french kissed her.

Baby Moments I Want to Remember: 
~Hannah "rocks" on her knees
~Hannah has started this new "happiness squeal"
~Emma slithers across the room like a snake
~We now have them eating in their high chairs like big girls,  and they love it.

Just another reason why they love their Uncle Chase
And he didn't even mind sharing the spotlight with his nieces

 My dad, such a proud Grandpa
The Buggies and I have started taking morning walks, now the weather is cooling down... we had a nice morning at Freestone Park.

Such Big Girls

J.Starr Rehearsal Time
Hannah & Emma's dinner date with Gregory...
And Melissa
Saturday I had a fabulous Wedding and as always enjoyed working with my amazing J.Starr Vendor Team! 
Cake By Piece of Cake Desserts
Beautiful Brittney
Lovely Centerpieces by our famous J.Starr Floral Designer: Renata

Sunday Morning we woke up, with a mile long to do list...but instead of being productive, we went to the Zoo. 
And then THIS moment happened, oh how I love these lil girls.
Fun Times
Sunday night my dad called on his way home from the mountains and said he wanted to stop by for a visit...which resulted in a Sushi Date for us.  Thanks Dad.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Manic Monday 9.16.13


Highlights of last week included:
~Lunch with Nina, love her
~Babies First Carousel Ride
~Weekend alone with my guy, as the buggies stayed over at their Grandparents
~All Day Date
~Birthday Celebration for our friend Jimmy
~Major steps forward in Decorating/Finishing our Home

Yes This Actually Happened:
~Broke all of my rules in "Event Planning" and sent out an Evite, in an effort to simplify life.
~Hiked up a mountain on a last minute whim in flip flops to watch the sunset.  Totally worth it.

Feeling Appreciative:
~For my girl Aimee, who sent me a lovely necklace for no reason, other than she knew I'd love it.

Baby Moments I Want to Remember: 
~Both babies are now getting up on their knees and "rocking" cute! They, wave, and they hum songs..and they're just beyond precious in every sense of the word.

This photo cracks me up!  Hannah was sitting up all by herself for a good solid five minutes straight, while Emma giggled like an old man.
 So enjoyed my visit with Nina, as did the babes.

Followed by a fab lunch at Liberty Market.

Thing One & Two

Hannah & Emma supervise our new J.Starr Intern, Kelsey

 New Necklace from my favorite Korean Princess

Justin's first "selfie" along with a nude little Emma

I know it may not look like it.. but once the Carousel started moving, they loved it!
How to take a shower with a baby that doesn't wanna nap.
 My mom text me this photo, of the buggies this past weekend.  The babies love time with their Grandparents.
Day Date with my Love at the Musical Instrument Museum "MIM"
"Music is the Language of the Soul"
The piano that John Lennon wrote "Imagine".
Justin was excited about the giant "gong" 
Followed by an impromptu stop at "Hole in the Rock" to catch the sunset
...And a quick visit with Jimmy and Kelly on Jimmy's birthday
New additions to our Formal Dining Room, excited for this project to come together.

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