Monday, July 29, 2013

Manic Monday 7.29.13

So yeah...this isn't the first time this has happened. I left my office to check on my sleeping babies and came back to this face.  This is the "I'm sorry, I just finished the rest of your coffee face".  Oh Olive.  

 Highlights of last week included:
 ~Was invited again to be a Featured Designer at the upcoming NACE Tantalizing Tables Event in mid August!  LOVE the design inspiration I've chosen to display....LOVE it.  I've been craving to incorporate this style for a long time.
~Held my first client meeting in my Home Studio
 ~Justin officially booked our upcoming much needed Staycation. 
~Impromptu day date
Yes This Actually Happened:
 ~Booked over 15 different client/vendor meetings for the month of August
~Witnessed Justin smash a spider on the wall with his bare hand, umm.. gross.
~Finally purchased and installed window treatments in our bedroom, so much more stylish and comfy.
Feeling Appreciative:
~For full term healthy twin baby girls...we've been at Cardon's Children's Hospital lately for some precautionary testing...and every time I'm there I reminded of how unbelievably thankful I am for my two precious girls. We've had to shell out quite a bit of money lately for tests and doctor's appointments...but in the big picture that's nothing compared to having healthy babies.  My heart aches thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong...and terrifies me to think of the future... Life is just so precious and tomorrow is never promised.  Having children means your heart is now on the outside of your body and you don't really have any control of that.  That's why I always remind myself to try and cherish each day.
~For finally sitting down with an Accountant to direct my business in the right direction.
 ~Broke down and youtubed the new Miley Cyrus video...after reading all the recent FB, don't do drugs.
New Fab Finds:
 ~Sub Zero Ice cream & Bahama Bucks....first time at  I've been on a frozen yogurt, ice cream, slushie kick lately...big time.  {but yes, "tracked it, which meant I'd fully enjoyed, guilt free!}

Baby Moments I Want to Remember: 
 ~They are both scooting machines, they will be crawling in no time, it's incredible
~Hannah is just oh so delicate and always moving her little hands and fingers, even when she's sleeping
~Emma's new thing is that she "grunts" all the time little caveman
~BY FAR the cutest thing I've ever witnessed....both babies were on the floor playing and Emma held grabbed a hold of a {clean} diaper and was waving in the air over her head...and Hannah starts laughing at her...for a good solid minute.  I melted.  I have a feeling Emma will be making her sister laugh for a lifetime.

This cute bride to be {also a dear friend} came over to entertain the babies so I could get all of her upcoming vendor appointments booked out.

Babies had their hip ultrasounds simply because Hannah was breach and they were twins, test results indicated they were both fine.

Emma screamed her head off during the test and after, I tried distracting her in the worked, kind of.

My Sweet Hannah
When I left them they were both on the blanket, I came back a few minutes find them like this.... little monkeys. 

My Silly Emma

Once in a great awhile, we can sneak in a nap.  When I woke up I felt something fuzzy next to me...and I'll give you one guess who it was??? 

Held my first client meeting in my home studio...bare walls, no baseboards, no curtains yet...but I guess you have start at somewhere. {stay tuned as I hope to transform this room in the near future}
My darling Bride & Groom: Luke and Marlene meeting with their DJ: Juan Sandoval with AZ Celebrity DJ.

Daddy & Ems
My lovely cousin and her sweet family stopped by for visit and a little party planning, as I'm helping them with their upcoming 10 Year Vowel Renewal in the spring of 2014, so fun!

Finally sold the first car I ever purchased all own my beloved silver Pontiac Sunfire...I'll never forget driving it off of the showroom floor, I thought I was so fancy.

Hannah's little smile is so CUTE! She makes you work for it, but it's SO worth it!

We spent Sunday morning in the Studio, capturing the babies {very belated} 6 month photos.  They lasted a good twenty minutes before they were DONE.  Lesson learned, next time we set up the studio in our home. 
 My amazing dad called and said he wanted to drive up and spend the day with his grandbabies...which equaled an impromptu day date for us.

We were so exhausted but didn't want to miss the opportunity for some time away from the home "babies free"...we ended up doing lunch & a movie....the only movie playing worth seeing was "Monster's University"... so that's what we saw, besides Sulley kinda reminds of Justin.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

{Giveaway!} Fabulous People You Should Know Vol. 2

Meet Lue Patterson, A Fabulous Person You Should Know.

Lue Patterson, Owner of UrbanOasisDecor
Chandler, AZ 85225
Instagram #urban_oasis_decor

What type of business do you own or are you associated with? 
I am a specialty paint mixologist.
What made you decide to open your own business?
The idea of being free in many ways.
What inspires your work?  
 The lack of color options in Chalk Finish Paints & ChalkBoard Paints... even Pinterest is inspiring!
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 
Commit to the Lord & your plans will succeed!
How would you describe your personal style? 
Vintage Surf or anything along those two lines {=
What sets you apart from other businesses in your field? 
The number one thing that sets Urban Oasis D├ęcor apart from other ChalkFinish Paints & ChalkBoard Paints is CustomColor availability & WholeSale Pricing. 
What is your favorite memory or experience from owning your own business?
Seeing my very first batch of ChalkFinish Paints lined up on the kitchen bar {=
  How does your business relate to or benefit the Wedding Industry?
Vintage-Inspired Weddings are definitely a big deal these days! Urban Oasis Decor's Paints cater to Shabby Chic, Boho Chic, Beach Chic & Cottage Chic Styles ~ I can paint just about anything, in any shade, from glass Mason Jars for vases to Plywood for Chalkboards... the ideas are endless.

Enter to Win!  {Featured Giveaway Item!} 
Urban Oasis Design is giving away a pint of Chalk Paint or ChalkBoard Paint = Winner's Choice of color and paint type!!!!   The value is $26.00 plus $12.95 for shipping, Urban Oasis Design is covering the entire cost for one of you lucky readers!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Manic Monday 7.22.13

Favorite Photo of the Week~ Date night out with My Love.
 Highlights of last week included:
~ A weekend off mommy duty.  About once a month my parents will watch the babies for two nights at their home in Casa Grande.  It always pulls at my heart when I drop the babies off, but the break is so needed and so appreciated ~ and honestly makes me a better mommy, as always feel so refreshed when we pick them up.  And my parents LOVE their time with the babies.
~Was able to work with not one, but two beautiful weddings at San Tan Elegante on Saturday. 
~Two date nights with Mr. Starr
Yes This Actually Happened:
 ~I attempted a "twins bath time activity" that I saw on Pinterest, and ended up soaked myself!  My little ones are still too small, they were sliding around like little turkeys.
 ~Ran through a parking lot with Justin in the pouring rain.
~I miss having music on my blog, I took it off a long time ago because I thought it wasn't "professional"...but I'm still torn because this is really a mix of my personal and professional life...hmm....don't be surprised if you hear some jams just inspires me to write and always helps to define my current mood.
~I'm going through a " I feel weird posting so much on social media phase"..truth is...I blog for many reasons...but sometimes I feel weird posting it to face book every time I blog {I the hate the whole.... "look at me, look at me thing"} in the future, I might not post to facebook every time I post ~ so if you enjoy following...perhaps consider other ways to follow....{maybe I'll research and post some different ways soon}.  Who knows, maybe I'll get over "my phase" and continue posting to FB, just throwing my random thoughts out there.
New Fab Finds:
~New App called: "InstaQuote" turns your quirky little thoughts into cool quote art.
~After many weeks of tracking calories I decided I deserved some "froyo" from "U Swirl" and savored every bite. {and yes, I tracked it"}

Baby Moments I Want to Remember: 
~Emma now "flips" over every night and sleeps on her tummy....her Daddy gets up throughout the night and "flips" her back over...he's a worrier.  Hannah loves touching things, she's constantly moving her little hands.  They play with toys so good now, as they can pick them up and shake them, and steal toys from each's so cute.

Evidence that Daddy is better at bath time, than Mommy.
My Loves.

Venue tour at Gainey Ranch Golf Club with this cute bride.

Had a much needed night of conversation with this beautiful girl, my dear friend Becky.

Me and my bugs....

And their many emotions...

Sometimes I think I'm clever

Smooches from Daddy, before I drove them down to CG for their weekend adventure at Grams & Gramps.
More smooches

Sweet Hannah getting her "signature" pedicure...just to make sure no one gets the girls mixed up.  {Though I don't think they look alike at all anymore}
No, no, no, I don't typically take my bugs to work with me, but this was one of those wild days when I needed to take them on a tour of Ocotillo Golf Club, and my future Event Planners acted like perfect little Angels.  

Happy as can be at Grams and Gramps

Beautiful Day for a Wedding, the San Tan Elegante is PERFECT for indoor ceremonies!
In my opinion, I always have the best views...
Beautiful Bride
 And of course Sammy and Olive loved the extra attention they got this past weekend!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Writer's BLOCK.......

So, I had every intention of writing a very professional and polished post {I can hear you laughing out loud} this morning...but it just ain't happening...

My computer keeps throwing me offline and my mind keeps spinning with endless instead I made an Inspiration Board....of images that speak to me right now....for several totally random reasons... and looking at it, makes me feel happy...welcome to the inside of my mind.

Until next time..... xoxo  Happy Thursday!


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