Monday, December 30, 2013

Mindful Monday 12.30.13


Happy Monday All!  I have SO MUCH to share to but no time to write again, you get another post of mainly photos...More Later.  Again, thank you for taking the time to take interest in my little world....I really do appreciate you reading, commenting, and caring...I'm so excited to apply all of the life lessons I learned this year on 2014.  I miss blogging, hope to do more of it in 2014.  Until then....

 Happy New Year!!!
Emma LOVED the "formal" Christmas Tree
Christmas Eve at Grammie & Grandpas
Singing Songs

Special thank you to Melissa for the darling outfits!

Having children make Christmas magical all over again!

I spy two little hineys in the Christmas Morning Sunlight

"Whoa Daddy"

Merry 1st Christmas My Loves

And Happy 1st Birthday!

Grammie & Grandpa Bought them a Wagon!

"It may not always seem like it, but we LOVE our Uncle Chase"

 Hannah, sleeping with her Snoopy

I spy...two baby bums...wanting to take a bath

Belated Christmas Visit with their Great Granny

New YEAR= New Wall Gallery=New Quote=New Focus
Let's Do This


Monday, December 23, 2013

Mindful Monday 12.16.13 & 12.23.13

This time last year I was lying on the couch feeling pretty miserable {as I was 38 weeks pregnant with twins}...I had NO IDEA how amazing life was about to become....our precious little Christmas Gifts were about to be born 


Good Morning All!  It's that crazy time of the year...when you wish you just had one more week to get everything done you want to get done....Not only am I preparing for Christmas, I'm also preparing for my Babies' Very First Birthday {the day after Christmas)....with that said, this is a "photo only" blog post...until next time!

 Much Love and Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas!! 

All is Calm, All is Bright

Ralphie & Eggnog 

Trader Joe Adventures

Dinner Party with some of My Favorite Girlies

Coordinated a Very Successful Grand Opening Event, Yahoo!

Hannah & Emma met a Special Friend

Justin's First Time on Skates...

I So WISH he would let me post the video clip... it's Hilarious!

Emmie & Her Horsie
Post Office
Heaven on Earth

Preparations for my Buggies First Birthday!

Hannah now STANDS all the time!

Her Daddy told her she looked like a "Deranged Easter Bunny"


Having the Babies' Birthday Cakes Designed by my FAV Cake Company!

Emma helping with the Christmas Decorations


Moscow Mules



And MORE Lights!

The Girls Admiring their "Grammie Starr Christmas Angel Tree"

Last year I totally JINXED myself by buying "2012 Babies First Christmas Ornaments" they were born the day AFTER I had to buy new ones :)

Bath Time Fun!

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