Friday, November 30, 2012

Manic Monday Vol. 17,18,& 19

(31 Weeks Pregnant/ 7 Months, with Twins) 
The day we moved into our new home!
 (32 Weeks Pregnant/ 8 Months, with Twins) 
My last day as Director of Wedding & Event Sales at Superstition Springs Golf Club!

(33 Weeks Pregnant/ 8 Months, with Twins) 
Thanksgiving 2012
 Dear Faithful Readers~ Yes, yes...I know it's not Monday...maybe I should change the title of these posts....and yes, yes...I know it's been 3 weeks since my last one....due to some big life changing events, I've been off my game a little....
But I'm still here... and GROWING, just trying to adjust to everything and still trying to make some time for embracing the holidays and spending our last few moments together before our little girls get here.  Every day gets a little harder total weight gain thus far is 36 pounds, though it feels like 100.  I'm in FULL nesting mode  but rather than a just a nursery, we have a whole home to put together, but can only move a turtles pace, just trying to make daily efforts to get us better set up.. I can't wait to hold these babies in my arms and see their sweet lil faces.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Remember this Silliness???

Goood Morning,

A & B had me up again this morning at 4am...those little girls, so bossy already....thank goodness for the internet...I was able to catch up on Facebook, Pinterest, organize my computer desk top, and blog!!  Oh geesh... the computer is such a suck box....what did we do without it before???

Well, I don't have a Manic Monday post for you today, as I don't have a photo...I'll have to have Justin snap one today... so until then...

Remember this little photo shoot we did back in August???  This was how we announced to the world that we were having two little girls....
I thought I'd share with some behind the scenes photos from that day....
Sammy is such a model!

I'm still shocked we were able to pull this off....

All Miss Olive cared about was the peanut butter in the tea cup...she has a one track wiener mind!!!!

My little pups...I've been missing them soooo much.  They've been at my parents house for the past three weeks, while we've been dealing with the moving process. 
I can't wait to introduce these two to their NEW home this weekend!!!
Happy Monday All!!!  Can you believe it's the middle of November???

Friday, November 9, 2012

How They Found Out.....

Telling my parents the sex of our babies to be...was so much fun! 
Following the ultrasound (back in August) we headed down to Casa Grande to share the news.  We had preplanned how we wanted to tell them....
We had bought two little girl outfits and one little boy outfit ~ for some reason we were both convinced that we wouldn't end up with two boys. We knew we would have at least one little girl.
So we had the gifts pre-wrapped and marked with a special code on the bottom of each gift, and headed down the road.

Dad was playing it cool and calm...and Mom was totally on pins and needles.....
We all gathered in my parents living, dad, my Grandpa, my Granny, my uncle Gene, my brother Chase, Justin and myself. 
Mom had gift number one ripped open in record was taking his sweet time (good thing we had them facing back to back). 

Mom opened a pink little tutu and dad opened a little onesie with a baby pink "Norris Pool Service Logo" on it.  (My dad's company) 

It was confirmed....little Baby "A" was a GIRL!!!!

Next....on to "Baby B"....

We encouraged mom to open a little slower this time.....

She still smoked dad... and waited patiently for him to catch up..... was confirmed....they would have not one, but TWO precious little granddaughters running around their home in the near future. 

They were so was a really special moment....they will make amazing Grandparents!!! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paul & Nikki's Starr Style Wedding

Another darling J.Starr Stylized Wedding took place on Saturday October 27th, 2012....

Nikki and Paul were so stinkin cute!!!

Florals were by J.Starr Stylized Weddings (my amazing design partner, Renata Hodl)
I LOVED the colors....grey, yellow and white.... so in style!

Photography by Still Life Studios

Wedding Cake by Piece of Cake Desserts
Entertainment by AZ Celebrity DJ
I love my job....the best part is being able to see photos following the wedding day...and see the happiness on my clients faces!!!
Congratulations Nikki and Paul and Kathy (the Mother of the Bride) is was a true joy working with you all!!! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Manic Monday Vol. 16

(30 Weeks Pregnant/ 7 Months, with Twins)  

Confession I'm too exhausted to even fill out my (Belated) Manic Monday Blog....nor can I think of anything clever or sassy to say......

But I will share with you enormous belly that's starting to freak me out.... I still can't believe this is happening... and these little girls are constant..they bounce around and dance all day long. 

Will I really be holding them in my arms soon???? This still seems unreal. 

Please excuse the photo was a no make up, hair in head band, boring maternity dress wearing, and low heel shoes kind of day... folks... I think I've arrived in official "pregnancyville".

I will be in shock if these little babies can really stay put until the end of December.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Our New Home....

Good Morning World,

It's Friday morning....I'm unsure of what to blog about...I'm in need of some recent photos but I'm waiting on them to be maybe this will be a "text only" blog (boring, I know).  We officially move in our new home on Thursday (6 days away)....

Painters start today, flooring goes in this weekend, new carpet will be installed on Monday..and the movers are scheduled for Thursday afternoon...And  I would venture to guess that we have 1/4 of the condo packed up this far.

Last weekend my mom looked at me {as I waddled around} and said "You're handling this really well...I would be freaking out if I was you"...and maybe I am a little bit...but I think in life there are times when our bodies and minds will only allow us to process a little bit at a time.....this is definitely one of those times. 

I know one day Justin and I will look back at this 90 day window of our life in pure shock and laugh...but for now...we just have to keep going. 

I have so many ideas for the new home...we've been living in our 2 bedroom condo for over 7 years...and before that we lived in a 1 bedroom apartment for 3 years....and before that {college} I lived in apartments/dorms for 4 years.....

So THIS is the first HOUSE I've lived in since 1999 when I moved out of my parents home.

Needless to say...I'm VERY appreciative for all the extra room we will we have lots of stuff and love to entertain....and Sammy and Olive will have their very own backyard!  Not to mention my future two precious little ladies that will fill our home with more love then I could have ever imagined.

And to think that I'm 30 weeks pregnant and will probably have approx 5 weeks {hopefully} to get everything into to place before little "Little A" and "Little B" arrive is almost comical...especially considering how awkward it is for me to do things physically... but it will happen and it will be amazing. 

Am I sounding whiney and hormonal today???  Probably so.... maybe I should just wrap up this blog with this awesome little reminder to myself...........

Happy Friday All, thank you for sharing in my very pregnant thoughts.... Much Love!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dan & Tiffany's Starr Style Wedding

Tiffany and Dan married on a lovely morning in October. Tiffany and her Mother Judy were a true pleasure to work with over the past year during the planning process. 

Morning weddings have a crisp, clean, and elegant feeling to them...
very peaceful and calm.
Jacque with Still Life Studios, captured their day so beautifully....
Floral was provided by J.Starr Stylized Weddings, Florist: Renata Hodl.
A beautiful wedding cake by A Piece of Cake Desserts.....
And Entertainment by AZ Celebrity DJ....
Congratulations to Tiffany and Dan, I wish you many happy times ahead!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day.

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