Thursday, May 30, 2013

Putting on the Ritz!

Every time I think of the Ritz....I think of the Robin Thicke Song... "Meiple"

Like a lady, I take you shopping at Chanel babe,
Afternoon tea for two at the Ritz babe,
My lady don't lift things, open doors, stand alone,
Not when she with me baby....

Oh Robin Thicke, it's so weird to me that you're the real son of the Growing Pains Dad. {why am I talking about this?} Anyways....back on track... the first industry event I attended {after the twinzies} was the Bridal Tea Party and Wedding Showcase {for Wedding Planners} at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix

I was super excited to venture out of "diaperville" and embrace the beauty and magic of the event planning world ~ Oh and how it felt so good to be drenched in glam!!!

You see, as an Event Planner/Designer you REALLY appreciate attending events that you haven't planned. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE our jobs...but it's nice once in awhile to attend a decked out event and be able to just enjoy. And that's just what I did. 

Here are some gorgeous photos by the very talented Sarah Hagerty ....

The Ceremony Site

 Yours Truly.....{Kinda lookin like a goon}
I love VeeRonna, I've booked her for many of my events....

Amazing Pastry Chef hand painting the wedding cake!

This stunning model greeted us as we entered the elevator to go up to the Tea Room
Welcome Display
The Room
The Centerpieces, yes those are asparagus 

Table Setting

Tea Sandwiches
The famous Jeffrey Hattrick, Afternoon Tea Sommelier
Fashion Show
The Vendors Showcased at this Lovely Event Were:
Celebrations in Paper
Classic Party Rentals
Fashion by Robert Black
Schaffer's Bridal
Teonna's Floral Design Studio & Productions
V harp
Wildflower Linen
Hagerty Photography

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Humor Me a Little Vol. 8

These days, I get less adult interaction, therefore.......... I'm much more easily entertained...and that's why it's my duty to share with you on this Wednesday morning!! You're Welcome.

YES! Sammy & Olive LOVE "Doggie Disneyland"


WHY is that song so awesome?

You know it's true



True Dat!
WHY??? How can you NOT crack up at that???

And lastly, how do the girls not own these onesies yet?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Manic Monday 5.27.13

Favorite Photo of the Week ~ 
My brother captured this little moment of me and my sweet little Granny on her 81st birthday.  She's hugged me goodbye in that same  drive way  going on 32 years now.
 {Note to self, stop the head band look, now}
{See Additional Photos Below}

Highlights of last week included:
~Saw a sneak peak at a magazine spread featuring a J.Starr photo shoot! Turned out breathtaking, can't WAIT to share!!!
~Celebrated my Mom's Birthday
~Celebrated my Granny's Birthday
~Date night with the original J.Starr
I Learned:
~ NEVER leave home without nipples. Yes, Internet I said nipples. On our Sunday Funday adventure, just as the babies were getting hungry we realized that we had left the nipples at home.   We were at the photo studio... complete with our babies, weenie dogs, and fairy wings {welcome to our world} off Justin went in a mad scramble to the nearest grocery store to by some nipples.  

Yes This Actually Happened:
~Oh goodness I got myself in a real facebook fiasco.... after after 48 hours of facebook not responding back to me I took matter into my own hands and created a new profile...requesting my friends back....only to find that 5 days later facebook responded back and fixed my issue...resulting in me having 4 pages {2 personal and 2 business pages}.... Then Justin tells me "I told you to be more patient".

Feeling Appreciative:

~For Gwen Stefani, as always.  {I crack myself up, sometimes I think I blog purely to amuse myself} No really, for my Gwen Girl.  I was having a rough week, last week...just feeling exhausted, run down and spread too thin...then I saw an interview in a magazine Gwen did last fall...the quote that stood out to me was:
And it made me sad, because I have been feeling like this lately.  It was a nice reminder to myself that yes, I can still have the life I desire and do the things I want to do...I just can't do them all at the same time.  I have to more realistic in my time and my expectations of myself, because...who wants to feel like they're failing all the time? Not me.  Yes, it's good to push yourself, no doubt about that, but there's a fine line between pushing yourself and beating yourself down. 

~ I hate IKEA, and then I forget about it, then I go back only remember....I hate IKEA.

New Fab Finds:
 ~ I stumbled upon Mrs. Potts Tea House the other day, it's this DARLING little home for children's birthday parties!

Baby Moments I Want to Remember:
 ~The babies turned 5 months!!! And wow...they are doing all kinds of things...

~Both are officially "scooting", grabbing toys, they've found their tongues and make the goofiest little faces, still loving their feet, they are now more "jumpy" if a sound startles them, enjoy watching cartoons, both will "play" in their cribs each morning for about twenty minutes before making the "Mom, come get me yell".
{Candid Highlights from Last Week}


These beautiful little girls and their baby "blues" they get from daddy. 
Hannah getting her "scoot" on

Right after this shot, my dad dipped Emma's foot in the side of the cake, and she screamed her head off.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Oh, hello there!
Now, Emma's on the "scoot".

Sissy Kissies
It's often one is happy and one is this photo Emma's the mad one.

Neither of them particularly love bath time.

Here's my new Stella & Dot necklace.  You can find yours at:
Aimee Sloan, the head wrap is just for you!

Sunday Funday {Emma's mad again}

Mrs. Potts Tea House!
Uncle Chase babysat his nieces so.....
 I could have Sushi and Sake with this Stud

Finally Sammy and Olive have a dog house of their very own!



Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Arrival of Hannah & Emma {Part Two}

To Read {Part One} Click Here.
So there I was, in the waiting area of Chandler Regional Hospital.  The lounge was festive, decorated with a Christmas tree and lights.... which I found to be comforting. Justin was on his way, my family was on their way, Justin's brother Shannon (who lives in state) was on his way.  Fairly quickly they checked me in and set me up in Triage, again with Julie by my side.  There I slipped on my hospital gown and again I was so thankful that Julie was with me, as I remember my fingers were fumbling as I tried getting a knot out of the gown.  {as Julie got it out}
Soon after Justin arrived, I remember hearing his voice before I saw his face.  He was saying my name to one of the nurses and I instantly felt calmed. He walked in the room and kissed me and hugged Julie. I could see that his eyes were red and his hands were shaking.  He was worried about our little "Baby A". I told him that I felt pretty strongly that it was just an inaccurate ultrasound and that everything was fine. 
My nurse asked me when the last time I ate, "Noon" I replied.  A few moments later she returned and informed me that the surgery would be at 8pm, as they wanted at least 8 hours in between my last meal. So at that time we had about 3 hours of "wait" time.  Justin called to update our families, in case they wanted to eat dinner before they got to the hospital.  Nope, mom wanted to come and see me beforehand.  And my nurse was kind of enough to let her come back {usually they don't let any family members, other than your spouse in Triage}.   My mom came in and kissed and hugged us both. She said she was surprised by how "calm" I was. {I knew I was ready, and soooo excited to meet my babies}.  

They next three hours seemed like 30 minutes to both Justin and myself.  Medical staff had been popping in from time to time...getting me prepped and filling me with fluid. 

When all of sudden the nurse told me, okay it's time.  "Would you like a wheelchair or would you like to walk?"  "Umm... I think I'm okay to walk, I guess" I replied.  As soon as I took my first step, I realized my feet were shaking, my knees were wobbly and I couldn't control it.  We walked past Dr. Bustamante, she was sitting at the nurses station, completely kicked back and relaxed, I remember this helped to relax me too.  If she wasn't nervous, I'll be okay. 

Right before I walked into to surgery I remember Justin said "wait" {as he knew he had to wait outside, while they set me all up for surgery}.  He then gave me a big hug and kiss....I'm so thankful he thought to do that, after all it was the last time it would ever be, just the two of us

Justin then waited outside the operating room to be called in.  My mom, dad, brother, and my brother in law all waiting in the hallway. 
I remember walking into the operating room and thinking that it looked more modern than I imagined, and thinking that it was a lot smaller than I imagined.  I looked down at the operating table and thought wow, it's so tiny compared to the hospital bed.  At that time the anesthesiologist told me to go ahead and "straddle" the operating table.  I remember panicking thinking....What? Umm...have you seen the size of my belly, I can't even cross my legs, much less swing my leg high enough to get it over the table?  The nurse must of seen the look of fear on my face and she came running over to the table to help me.  She then hugged me during the spinal.  I remember feeling so comforted by her.  The spinal was really no big deal... I don't really remember it hurting.  I just remember instantly feeling my legs go numb.  At that time the anesthesiologist said "hurry up hurry up and scoot down on the table".  I remember thinking....geesh, couldn't you have told me that before you did the spinal?
 After that I was pretty much in la la land. They finally allowed Justin in the room, and by this time my hands and arms were shaking uncontrollably.  I don't know if it was because of the medicine or if it was nerves....then all of a sudden........
We heard Hannah's cry.  I instantly yearned to comfort her.   The doctor held her up so we could see her and I remember, she looks so beautiful. Her little arms were reached out to us and her little faced was scrunched up...and within mere seconds later... we heard our little Emma.  Her cry was a little more faint and deeper than her sisters. We then saw Emma, she was beautiful and perfect too.
And all of sudden, we were parents......

Hannah Jane Starr was born at 8:27

And Emma Louise Starr was born within the same minute at 8:27pm.
The babies were not a pound a part, there was simply a 2oz difference.

 The next thing I see is Justin being handed our baby girls, the nurses said they were as healthy as could be.  At this point, our Dr. had even grabbed Justin's fancy camera and started shooting photos! {Again, I remember thinking, well everything must be okay}. 

Justin held on to those baby girls like he was meant to.... his entire life.
I felt instantly like the babies recognized our voices, they knew we were mom and dad.

I wanted to hold them so badly, I didn't have any clue that I was still in surgery. 

Everything went by so incredibly fast.  The next thing we knew they were wheeling me out of the operating room with Justin and the babies right behind me.  They rolled me right past our family {I had no idea I would see them} and kept moving me straight into the recovery room.  Justin and the babies however got to stop and greet the family...
And for the very first time, my parents met their Granddaughters and were told their sweet names: Hannah Jane {Jane named after my Grandma} and Emma Louise {Louise named after Justin's Mom}.

And also in the moment, Shannon {Justin's brother} and Chase {My brother} got to meet their nieces. 

And well...they were just..........perfect. 

Just the most precious little faces....full of wonder at only minutes old. 


And in the recovery room...I was finally able to hold my babies for the first time. In that moment I experienced more joy than I could have ever imagined possible.  I was completely in my own world...there could have been a parade going on right in front of us and I would have never noticed. 
I was finally able to see, touch, and feel the warmth of my babies.  I've never known life could be so happy, truly.  Finally, I was a mom. I had wanted this so badly for so much that I feared that it might not happen.  And it did, it happened....twice, at the same time.  What did I ever do to deserve this? My prayers had been answered. 

I just couldn't get in enough smooches.... and they smelled like heaven.

After awhile, it was time for the babies to go off to the "beauty parlor"...where they had their first baths and such.
Just after midnight...they allowed us to be moved from the recovery room up to our official hospital room. 
I'll never forget, just as we were getting wheeled out of the recovery room {babies laying in bed with me with stocking hats on their little heads} I heard my mom's the nurses’ station...saying my name..."My daughter is Jennifer Norris {she actually said Norris, my maiden name which I thought was cute}..."she's been in recovery for over 3 hours, is everything okay?"  Right at the moment I said "Hi Mom". She looked so relieved as she walked over to us.... I told her we were headed up to our room and to come up in 20 minutes after they got us all settled in.
Well....I think it was 5 minutes later...that they came walking in our room, so eager to hold the babies.

And the babies couldn't have been happier to be loved on. 

Our precious little daughters were finally here. True perfection, pure miracles.

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