Wednesday, February 27, 2013

That Time I Grew Two People....

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this time in my life.  I neglected to share these photos at the time with the internet....because I was pouting that I was STILL pregnant. much as I hate to admit it...I was pretty miserable. 
Miserable only because I was SO uncomfortable.  Most women, don't carry twins past 32 weekish (or so I was told).  So at this time I was READY...and everyone keep telling me...."oh that's so WONDERFUL that you're STILL carrying"'s the BEST thing for the babies.
  I wanted to cry every time someone said this, because I just wanted to be DONE.  I didn't really "get it" until I saw my healthy baby girls...and realized how truly thankful I was to be able to carry them to full term. 
35 Weeks
I'm kind of shocked I'm sharing this photo (wow)...but oh well...that was me, that was that moment....pitiful me and pitiful non decorated Christmas Tree
36 Weeks
At this point when I went out in public people would just stare at me....I felt like a cartoon character. 
37 Weeks
We were so ready to meet our babies  

38 Weeks
And this was the last photo...on Christmas Day...the babies arrived the next night. 
How I got through it .....
My Husband...
My Doggies...
My Sweet Brides....
My Family...
 My Friends....
The 8 Pillow Formation
 Set up by Justin every night (sleeping was nearly body ached)
Did I say my husband????  He's amazing....he survived the pregnancy too. I love you honey.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sara & Jon's Starr Style Wedding

I was so bummed that I couldn't be at this wedding on this lovely December 8th, 2012 day.  Truth was, I could barely walk at this point.  I just adored Sara..a "Beautiful Barista" and Jon the "Happy Health Inspector". 
There were both just so happy to be getting married, we always had tons of fun at our planning meetings.   

My J.Starr Team was there making sure that everything was fabulous....

Flowers by Renata with J.Starr Stylized Weddings.....
Photography by Still Life Studios....
Cake By Piece of Cake

DJ Services By AZ Celebrity DJ
Congratulations Sara and Jon, I wish you much love and happiness in your future!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Manic Monday 2.25.13


Favorite Photo of the Week:
{Daddy reading Emma..."Ten Little Fairies"}

Highlights of last week included:
~Being able to dip into my business....quite a bit and got my motor revved up. Had a fab meeting with two of my fav people and industry friends...
Matt Wheeler~ Owner of Still Life Studios

and Renata Hodl, Head Floral Designer for J.Starr Weddings.
~Date out on the town with my gal pal, Aimee...we were suppose to go to yoga and instead somehow ended up at Buca Di Beppo...and discussed why we should have a reality show.
~Some great conversations with Justin on parenting, money, scheduling, balancing work outs and date nights. I think we can do this!

Last week I learned:
~Confession, I was a real spaz last week. Sometimes I think I have to have everything figured out all at once. I did a lot of soul searching and list making on how I want to move forward with life and my efforts in wanting to be....June Cleaver {The Perfect Wife/Mom}, Martha Stewart {The Perfect Homemaker}, Jillian Michaels {Fitness Goddess}, Preston Bailey/Colin Cowie {Wedding & Event Designer Extraordinaire} and Gwen Stefani {Just Plain Cool}. And learning that it's impossible "perfect" any one of these roles...but I can certainly strive for some balance each week in dipping into each role daily.

Yes This Actually Happened:
~I got my hair did. I have an awesome stylist: Lisa Berger....and she's just super fun to hang with. She's crazy professional and is always up with the latest trend. Right now, she's promoting tie dye clip in extensions! So fun, I tempted to buy a few!!

Feeling Appreciative:
~For my precious babies who are making me a better more balanced person, for my husband who continues to be my most perfect team mate in the game of life.
{My brother Chase and Hannah Bug)
~For my mom, dad, and brother...who can't go a week without spending time with Hannah and Emma..which allows me time away from the babies to work on my other goals (ultimately making me a better mama).

Bringing Sexy Back:
~So far I've lost a total of 3lbs of the leftover baby weight...not as quickly as I'd like, but I'll take it. I was trying to seek perfection in my diet and workouts, making myself really exhausted and stressed about tracking all my foods and work outs...rather than seeking balance. After trying out my free pass, I decided not to join L.A. Fitness...just not right for me. Instead I joined Lifetime Fitness...a little more glam..tons of group fitness classes, and tons of fun family activities. Super stoked!
New Fab Finds:
Baby Moments I Want to Remember:
~Both babies are starting to "talk" in the sense that they coo, it's especially cute when they coo back in response to question we ask them.
~Hannah has started "reaching" trying to touch the stars in her pack in play
~Both babies can see at greater distances now
{Exhausted after tons of fun at Grandpa & Grammie's House)

~They've officially grown out of two sets of jammies, which makes me a bit sad. I told Justin we have to save them to make a quilt with ( his response walking away, "oh great...another quilt that wont ever get made")
~Hannah tries putting everything in her mouth...including her sister. (head, elbow, name it)
~Emma has started this new "scream" thing when she's really trying to get her point across, it's hilarious.

On the horizon for this week:
~Babies turn 2 months! Oh my!
~Continuing to seek balance and not put too much pressure on each role (us women can be so hard on ourselves!)
~Hopefully, finally posting photos and the birth story of Hannah & Emma's Arrival
~Finalizing my new blog (yes, I have a new one in the works)
~Finalizing my tax info for J.Starr Biz
~Hopefully have some friends over for a dinner party
~Hopefully sneak in a date night
~Tons of snuggles and smooches with my luv bugs

Currently Listening to:
"Pink" Station on Pandora
Quote I'm Loving:
{Reminder, it's about Balance ~ not Perfection, freak}

Friday, February 22, 2013

Humor Me a Little Vol. 5

It's Friday...and I've taken myself way too seriously this week..........let's laugh.

How CUTE!!! Come On!



I'm saving this idea for my twins.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Probably Shouldn't Blog Today....


I probably shouldn't blog this morning....and the photo above is why...THIS is my brain this fact, it's been my brain for the past week.

Trying to figure it all out....and trying to adjust to my new (amazing) life as a mom...and still incorporate my other life goals and responsibilities. My mom keeps telling me to give it time....time for all the puzzle pieces to fall into place....I just wish I was a more patient person. So I've been writing....A LOT....there are notes of my thoughts all over my home...lists upon lists, and more lists. And to make matters more complex...Justin is the same way. So many things we want to do...but it's only possible to do so much while snuggling newborns and fighting off sleep deprivation. I know one day I'll look back at this time and laugh at until then...where's my coffee?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amanda & Ryan's J.Starr Wedding

Another beautiful J.Starr Wedding Day for the adorable Amanda & Ryan (minus J.Starr)....ahh yes, this was one of the three weddings I had to miss while growing/having these beautiful babies.
Amanda and Ryan's wedding took place on Saturday January 5th...ten days after having Hannah & Emma. But I didn't have to worry because my amazing J.Starr Vendor Team took great care of them, like always!
Here's a few of my favorite photos from their special day....


Monday, February 18, 2013

Manic Monday 2.18.13

Hi Gang,  I have time for just a few snippets I leave you with this....

Highlights of last week, according to my cell phone:

Every night's a slumber party with these two....
Hanging out with Cousin Bri....

Snuggle Buddies...
Fun times with Aunt Pam...

Yoga with Aimee, I had a hard time trying not to laugh ...
My Emma Lou Who...
Valentines Day...
Daddy's Little Valentines
Picnicing with all my Luv Bugs...
My Hannah Jane ...
My Little Valentines...
Hanging with Uncle Chase ...
Emma loves her Daddy...
My two little Peaches at the Peach Blossom Festival at Schnepf Farms...
Dinner at the Olive Mill...
Emma is partied out, Hannah's still going...
Sunday Snuggles...
Babies meet Melissa & Andrea...
Roomies Belated Annual Christmas Get Together

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