Monday, April 13, 2015

"The Monday Mix" 4.13.15

~Cheers to a Refreshing New Week Ahead~
(Photo by Brooke Photography) 

Monday April 13th, 2015

  • new bookings
  • peaceful weekend
  • surprises ahead
  • my Emma officially say's "mama" all the time now, melt me.
  • the diaper cream incident
  • Digital Project Life, I finally dove in.  Time to get all our pretty photos off the computer and into albums.
  • The Paseo, new wedding venue.  Stunning desert views.

  • my husband.  he makes me laugh.  He's been proudly cutting his own hair for years, but I've been trying to encourage him to try out a different look.  So last week he had his hair cut in a salon (BIG deal for Mr. Starr)...which has resulted in an uncontrollable cowlick, that sticks straight up on his head.  Yesterday morning he walks into my office with a tube of hair gel, hands it to me and actually says "Style Me Pretty." It took massives amount of hair gel to tame is cowlick, but we finally got it under control. That guy, I tell ya.



Monday, April 6, 2015

{Monday Mix } "Hippity Hoppity 2015"

 Awe, Easter 2015 has come and went.  It really was one of the best weekends in a long time.  Just complete relaxation, being together, music playing,...good times.
These two loved dying eggs.  Although they thought the eggs were more like balls, so they kept throwing them and trying to bounce them...
I explained to them the eggs were delicate and we had to be gentle....they then proceeded to pet and kiss their eggs.  They each carried an egg around all the lunch table, to the bathtub...their eggs came with.  

 Hannah had spent so much time collecting all the plastic eggs when her mean sister came along and turned her basket upside down....Do you see Hannah's RAGE!  I kind of LOVE this photo. 
I thoroughly enjoyed decorating for Easter....all of the décor came from past clients weddings (given to me afterwards, not stolen...just to be clear) and recent past photo shoots.... I was going for a "Whimsically Spring has Sprung" kinda vibe.  The babies walked in the room and said "PARTY!"....that's my girls!
 I sat on the floor wrapping the baskets and remembering the years before when I couldn't wait to have little ones to make Easter baskets for.  I still can't believe they're real sometimes.  Times like these, make being a Mom so incredibly amazing.  These darling little basket tags were designed by my talented industry friend Kim with The Event Essentials. 
Hannah and her Grammie rocking those balloons.  We hosted Easter Dinner Saturday evening...just a small gathering of us plus my Mom, Dad & Brother. 

Justin was the "Chef", I was the "Table Setter"
  Hannah was loving life with our amazingly oversized balloons from Petite Party Studio....Emma was terrified of them, my little odd duck.
Hannah and Grandpa discussing jelly beans and how many is "too many".
Trying to convince her that the ladybug cake isn't a real bug.

Easter Morning....Champagne, Cider, Eggs & Ham...and Justin's homemade 5 Starr Guacamole, yes!

Hannah was overjoyed about more jellybeans!
And the Easter Egg Hunt is on!  Aren't these dresses so stinkin cute?  They are gifts from Justin's Brother Trevor & his Fiancé,  by:  Janie & Jack, such adorable children's clothing.  
Sammy & Olive (our wiener dogs) were in on the action too. 

The Babies sat here for several minutes...rocking out to Creedence Clearwater Revival on Pandora....eating those jellybeans. 
Such a great way to wrap up a very busy past couple of months...excited to relax a little more this month, soak in these babies, and enjoy the spring's sweetness.

Friday, April 3, 2015

{Featured Friday} "As of Late"

 (Photo by Erica Velasco)
Happy Friday All!
What can I say, the last three months of this year have been a trip. I feel like I'm finally at a place where I can stop and catch my breath for a moment. I have missed blogging terribly, as it really serves a foundational part of my life, my business, my creative check point.  But once momentum in my personal and professional worlds started gaining at a rapid pace...I knew I had to give something up...and sadly it had to be the blog for awhile. 
At the beginning of the year, I had declared that my "word" for 2015 would be "domestic".  And then the domestic gods laughed in my face and threw handfuls of amazing business opportunities at me.  I also quickly realized that having "twins at age two" was far different then have "newborn twins" or "one year old twins."  Oh my word, FAR different!
But as the old saying goes "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it."  And that's exactly what I kept reminding myself has I ran marathons for the past few crazy as life was (is) I'm now in a place in life that I've always day dreamed about....being a mom, and owning my own business as a Wedding dreams had turned into real things.  And those "real things" were kicking my hiney BIG TIME!  But, with the support of my husband, my family, best friends, and industry supporters.....big things were (are) happening and I am truly grateful. 
Highlights Over the Past 3 Months....
  •  Provided Planning Services for 5 Fabulous Weddings!
  • Coordinated/Styled 6 Covers for Wedding Magazine Publications!
  • J. Starr was featured a few times on local Wedding Blogs
  • Coordinated/Styled a Shoot for a new beautiful Venue
  • Continued Training for Assistant Coordinators
  • Participated in a handful of Venue Open Houses
  • Attended some fun Industry Sponsored Events
  • Accepted some great leader roles for upcoming Industry Events (stay tuned)
  • Networked with some ultra cool fellow Wedding Planners & Vendors
* Very special thank you to all of the people in my life that made these opportunities come to life. There's no doubt in my mind that success comes from people, relationship building, and having enough "crazy" in yourself to make things happen.  Cheers to crazy!
  • Two year old tornados running around my feet, destroying everything in sight
  • L.A. Extended Weekend with my hilariously wild BFF (I'll share more on this adventure later)
  • Babies participated in their first dance class "Twinkle Toes"
  • Tons of walks, fun times at the parks, a few play dates
  • Lots of random family dates (Swap Meet, Lost Dutchman's Mine, Parks, Pizza Arcade)
  • A few fun date nights with my cute hubby (not enough though, hopefully more soon)
  • Babies started school! "Great Starts" a little one hour parent/tot class, SO CUTE
  • Not enough time with friends (looking forward to the summer time slow down)
I'm so grateful for the past three months and I'm looking forward to the next few months ahead.  I had no idea this year would pick up so much speed right away.  I'm thankful that things will start to slow a bit and I can began to focus on projects that have been pushed to the sides...I'm also hoping that I can remove all the crayon that this currently covering my walls, that will surely keep me busy for the next 3 months.
Much Love All!
I hope you're able to spend some special time with your families this Easter weekend. 
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