Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So What's It All About?

Good Morning J.Starr Fans!  Today I wanted to take the opportunity to better explain what J.Starr Stylized Weddings & Events Company offers. 

Here's the Breakdown:
J.Starr Stylized Weddings & Events offers full coordination and design.  This means, that if you book an event with J.Starr I will coordinate all of your vendor services...photography, dj services, wedding cake, and in addition custom design your event from start to finish ~ including your floral design, linens, chair covers, plate wear, lighting, etc. 

My coordination services are only offered exclusively at Superstition Springs Golf Club. Superstition Springs is my home venue, where I hold the role of Director of Wedding & Event Sales.  I've created a very unique partnership with Superstition that allows me to offer my services above and beyond the catering and set up ~ making your life way less stressful and your event absolutely spectacular!

We do offer design services (including floral design, linens, chair covers, plate wear, lighting, etc.) valley wide, but on a limited basis.

If you desire to have a "J.Starr Stylized Wedding", the first step you must take is booking a tour at Superstition Springs Golf Club by calling me at (480) 654-5652!  My venue is very charming and classic with gorgeous views of the Superstition Mountains, bright green golf course, with many water features. I really pride myself in offering packages that allows you have a lovely wedding while still staying on a budget.  It's all about choices...and I will personally take you through all of your many options to create your very special day.   If you're looking to book a wedding or event, Call Me!  Let the Stylizing Begin!

Friday, January 6, 2012

How Do You Define Success???

Towards the end of 2011, I felt so beat! My birthday is at the end of November, followed soon after my New Years.  At that time I did a lot of  self reflection and beat downs on myself for everything I didn't accomplish at the age of ahem... 30 and in the year of 2011. To the point that I just felt so defeated. 
Then I came across this quote:

"In a world of never-enough, it's easy to feel dissatisfied even if the very thing you dreamt of was sitting in front of you"
It made me stop and realize how many things that did go pretty great in 2011 at the age of ahem...30.
~My Family~Friends~ Incredibly Loving, Driven, and Supportive Husband~ Adorable Weenie Dogs~ Lots of Travel... the list goes on an on.  

 Last year was an amazing year...truly...especially professionally for Justin (the hubs) and I. I'm so proud and somewhat shocked my how quickly "J.Starr Stylized Weddings" has grown!

It felt good to stop for a moment and appreciate everything in my life.... which inspired me to take some time and do some serious goal setting for the new year, and new age and resulted in a 6 month action plan ~ a big shift in priorities.  I wrote them out, read them to Justin at least 3 or 4 times ... until I was convinced that he was going to help keep me accountable, then posted them around our home. 
Success is a self-defined word, but in order to articulate what it means, you must figure it out for yourself. It's so important to stop looking at what others have done and think it'll never be you...because it won't. That was them, but this is you.
If success is growing your career, say it.
If success is achieving your fitness and health goals, say it. 
If success making just enough to stay at home with your kids, say it.
If success is spending more quality time with your spouse, family, or friends, say it.  

Most importantly you have to define what your goals are FIRST and write them down.  Once you achieve them, be proud of yourself and know for that moment ~ Your cup is full, and you feel proud of your reached goals!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Love/Hate Relationship with The Bridal Fashion Debut...

It's that time of year again...time for all the newly engaged brides and grooms to celebrate their engagement with a little torture fun by attending the infamous two day Bridal Fashion Debut.

If I had to guess, I would say this will be my tenth time to set up a booth as a featured wedding vendor. Why torture, I mean fun? I'm kidding, kinda.... I really do recommend attending, I really do, but you MUST be prepared....It's very crowded and very overwhelming (especially if your at the infancy stages of your planning). 

Here's a few tips to make this experience more enjoyable and comfortable for you.

1.) Come researched and prepared.  Know ahead of time what vendors specifically you're interested in meeting.  Once you arrive at the show you'll be given a map, take a few moments to step aside..sip on your morning latte and map out where you desired vendors are ahead of time.

2.) Wear comfortable shoes!  You will be doing a ton of walking.

3.) Create a separate wedding email address, trust me you'll be so glad you did! (ex: justinandjenniferswedding@gmail.com)

4.) Create several labels with all of your contact number (including your new wedding email) so that you can enter all of the fantastic contests and be eligible for the givaways.

5.) Bring a backpack or a canvas big beach bag to carry all the information your receive...it's a lot of info and the paper shopping bag they give you at the front door will break halfway through the show.

6.) Just breath and don't allow yourself to become too overwhelmed, just go there for ideas, don't go there thinking you'll plan your entire wedding in one day!

I have a handful of complimentary tickets in my office, let me know if you need some.
See You There!  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wanna Be Startin Somethin'

 What can I say; there is nothing like a brand new shiny year to get your
motor revved up!!!

I wanted to start this year off by sharing my NEW "J. Starr Style" BLOG with you. 
 For what purpose you ask?
Well my hope is that this blog will inspire you… as so many daily experiences and relationships inspire me.  My goal with this blog is to share and connect…focusing mainly on my experiences with event designing, planning, people, my successes, my failures, and the many lessons I’ve learned.

So, tell me how did you ring in the NEW YEAR???  Justin (aka Mr. Starr) bought us tickets to:  Michael Jackson: The Cirque du Soleil ImmortalWorld Tour and it was INSANE!!!  We were in the 12th row, right next to the stage…with dancers flying all around us!  The first music video I ever saw was Thriller, and I was terrified the whole time (granted I was about 4 years old) but my dad kept encouraging me to stop covering my eyes.  And even then you could JUST TELL that Michael’s talent was unbelievable almost un-human.    

Michael was 100% dedicated to his work.  Regardless of what your opinion is of him, you cannot deny the power of his music, and the extreme talent that he shared with the world. 

So with that being said…. Cheers to a New Year, and Cheers to (Like MJ) being dedicated to YOUR passions and Cheers sharing YOUR talents with the world!

My hope is that this blog drums up conversations, shakes up some emotions, inspires the senses, and helps to satisfy the soul.  Please don’t be shy… connect with me, connect with other readers and let’s experience the journey together.  HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS!

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