Friday, September 26, 2014

{Featured Friday} :Austin and Amanda's Wedding Day

Happy Friday All!  Oh how I wish I had a little more time to write this morning...but we have house guests (Justin's Brother Trevor & his Girlfriend Isis) in town, because Justin's other brother (Shannon) got married on Wednesday and the Reception and Festivities are this weekend, yahoo! 

So I must keep this short, but I had to share these STUNNING images for a beautiful wedding that I had the honor of being a part of!  Austin & Amanda were SUCH a darling couple, so in love, so kind, so appreciative (an absolute JOY to work with!)  They were married back in June of this year at the lovely San Tan Elegante.  They personalized their Wedding day in every aspect (including using her Grandfather's book collection as centerpiece accents!)...making it so special and meaningful for everyone involved. 

These beautiful photos were taken by: Brie Marie Photographers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"The Wednesday Whirl" 9.24.14

{Sunday Stroll with my Little Ladies}

Highlights of last week included:

 ~Pretty Chill Week, Home Projects + Lots of Fun with Babies
~Final Walk Through with "Mr. and Mrs. Glass" To Be, Can't Wait for Their Upcoming Wedding!
~Continued Training for a special J.Starr Associate Planner, excited to see her bloom
Fab finds:
~Amanda Catherine Designs, on her style....ordered some fun prints for my office
~This Clip, makes me LOVE Jim Carrey even more (I love when he plays dramatic roles)...One of my ALL time favorite movies is: "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind"'s heavy, but astonishing.
Yes this actually happened:
~Got a new library card! Hadn't done that since I was about 5 years old
Baby Moments I Want to Remember:
~Last week I noticed so many things about my littles. They are growing and changing right before our eyes and it's just incredible to see their personalities shine. So many cute things...
  • We have this random pirate eye patch...and for whatever reason at any given moment, one of them is wearing it.
  • Emma does this thing where at night, right before bed we ask her if she wants to read a book.  She goes to the book shelf, grabs and book then runs back and CHUCKS it across the room at us.  Then she runs back, grabs and another...and again, CHUCKS the books at us...faster, and harder than the time before....grinning bigger each time.  We keep trying not to laugh, but rather correct her "Emma, we don't throw books, can you hand them to us nicely?"..and with full force she CHUCKS another book straight towards our heads.  It's so wrong, but so damn funny.
  • Hannah says "thanks" after you give something.  We were at the grocery store this past week and every time I'd put something in the cart she'd say "thanks", every single time. Loved it.
  • They've realized there are springs in the crib, and they bounce, bounce,'s a non stop party going on in their at naptime
  • Emma "meeeows" whenever she sees a kitty cat, or something resembling at kitty cat.  
  • Hannah bosses her sister around, a lot. She pushes and pulls on her constantly, it's cute but a little sad.

Family Date Night at Valley Luna....our old stomping ground, as for many years we lived right across the lake.
 These two ran all over the patio, attempting to chase the ducks

Spent some overdue time with my homegirl Kim. 

When she first walked in, Emma noticed her bunny tattoo, and started petting it and say "meeeeow"
 Hannah Jane, the little boss lady....
 Babies First Library Visit, they love books.
Sunday Funday...they just looked extra cute.  Aunt Shelia had bought these tops for the babies last fall...I love that they still fit! 

Hi Emmie
Such big longer full force toddlers...slow down little girls...stop growing up so fast, you're mama's heart can't hang. 


Friday, September 19, 2014

{Featured Friday}: Summer Industry Events

Summer in Arizona equals one thing in the Arizona Wedding Industry = Off Season.  While a few weddings are sprinkled in here and there...often times its a nice chance for Wedding Professionals to pause, catch their breath, dive into projects that had to be placed on the shelf during season, and lastly...NETWORK! Networking is a huge part of being a successful business owner, not to mention it's fun!  You see, as an Event Planner....there's nothing more rewarding then attending an event that another Professional Event Planner has planned. The excitement comes from the knowledge and appreciation of knowing how much hard work was put into the event. 

I was able to attend a good handful of networking events this past summer....these highlights were from some of my favorites. 

WIPA Phoenix June 2014 event | The Phoenician Resort:
Event Planner: Cicely Rocha-Miller, Life Design Event Planning
Photos By: Eyes 2 See Photography



NACE Tantalizing Tables 2014  | Crown Plaza San Marcos:
Event Planner: Maureen Boyd, MB Events
Photos By: Erica Velasco Photographers


Project NACE Fashion for a Cause  2014  | Hotel Valley Ho:
Event Planner: Jessica Barry, J Barry Designs
Photos By: Elizabeth Douglas Photography


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