Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{Wedding Wednesday} Waking Up with a "Glam Over".....

Greetings All,
Oh my goodness...the one downfall of working in the Wedding/Event Industry is the mornings when you wake up with what I call a "Glam Over" much like a "Hang Over" but minus the alcohol. 
It's mornings when I wake up feeling creativity fulfilled but yet a sense of sadness and depletion.  It happens after every wedding, stylized photo shoot, or design competition.....
You see so much time, energy and thought goes into to each creative project....that after the event has taken place, I wake up the next day feeling a little lost...  It's over? Really? Awe, so sad. 
Yesterday for nine hours I was entrenched with flowers, rental props, hair and make up at  a huge  beautiful resort while collaborating with a very large team of incredibly talented people...and today it's all over. 
So in an effort to survive my "Glam Over" and start focusing on my upcoming fabulous events....I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my past "J.Starr In the Press Moments". 

J.Starr Ad for Arizona's Weddings Magazine, 2011:

J.Starr Planner Spotlight Feature, Arizona's Weddings Magazine, 2011:


J.Starr Ad for Arizona's Weddings Magazine, 2012:

J.Starr Planner Spotlight Feature, Arizona's Weddings Magazine, 2012:

J.Starr Tantalizing Tables Feature, WEDAZ Magazine, 2012:
 J.Starr Arizona's Finest Wedding Sites Magazine Cover & Spread, 2013:



Monday, February 24, 2014

Mindful Monday 2.24.14

{When Hannah was just too small for the "big kid" swing...I added in Emma and it was the perfect fit....don't you just LOVE it when things just work out?}
Hello World...last week I came down with a cold....then it hit Emma, then Hannah....there's still hope for Justin.  So.... today I have to make up for a lost week...and prepare all the last minute details for the photo shoot I'm styling and coordinating for Arizona's Finest Wedding Sites Magazine.... tomorrow. 
With that said, today I leave you with photos only..... BE WELL My Friends xoxo  

Sushi and Business Planning....I'm so excited for an upcoming J.Starr Partnership Opportunity!  

Trying to give smooches with mouths full of graham crackers...while giggling.

Got my 2nd Stitch Fix Box! Hannah was more impressed than me.  I'll try and share more about this on Friday's post.

 We sold our Mazda6....the first car we ever purchased together. 

Saturday Mug Shot...because I was never more excited to feel alive and well!

The special place I go when I need a break from Mamaville

Sunday Funday with My Crew


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{Wedding Wednesday} Average AZ Cost, Selfies Galore & #1 Gift Requests....

Good Morning All!  Recently Arizona Weddings Magazine hosted their Annual Educational Seminar....Sadly I couldn't attend due to another event, but I thought it would be fun to share some of the information they shared....

Highlights from “Today’s Bride,” Presented by Kristina Celik, Director of Marketing & Promotions: 
  • Brides Age: 29 years
  • Grooms Age: 31 years
  • Average Arizona Wedding Cost:  $24,639
  • Use of bridal print publication for planning purposes is up 10% (63%)
  • #1 Registry gift request: Honeymoon funding & related gifts 
  • Entertainment becoming more of a focus: 27% of brides provided additional guest entertainment
  • 77% of couples took a honeymoon in 2012
  • 59% of brides (up 11% from 2011) will change their status to “married” or update their new name within a day of getting married
  • Women, on average update their Facebook status 21 times per-month while men average 6 times per-month
  • 93% of Pinterest users are women
  • 500 years of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every day
  • 35M selfies have been posted on Instagram (As of 10/17/13)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mindful Monday 2.17.14

{Valentine Picnic with His Girls}

Highlights of last week included:
~Valentine Picnic with my Loves.  Last year we did this when the babies were oh so we thought it would be fun to do again this year...I'm hoping we make a tradition out of it.  Yes, we were THOSE people....walking down the pulling a wagon with two little girls and their big puffy skirts and both smiling ear to ear....Justin following behind us with a picnic basket and camera gear in fun.
 ~Enjoyed meeting with the ladies of Nozza Studios, looking forward to an upcoming project we are collaborating on. 
~More Home Organization...the quest continues...
New fab finds:
 ~So far I'm loving my active's been very user friendly and it totally motivates me more during the day.

Yes this actually happened:
 ~I've turned our morning "walks" into runs...kind of....{it's the active link I tell ya!}

Feeling Appreciative:
 ~Parks & Rec! We live super close to an awesome activity center that often offers totally FREE programs/activities.  I took the babies on Valentine's morning to "Story Time Adventures"...where they happily listened to stories {they love being read to, it's so cute}, sang songs and even made their Daddy Valentines. 
 ~I've hit a wall professionally. I need to change up my direction a little.  I need to start working on some weak spots.  Anyone in the industry wanna do coffee soon??? This sista needs some new ideas. 

Baby Moments I Want to Remember:
 ~Emma does NOT want her diaper changed lately.  Her new name is "Flapjack"
Shout Outs:
~Congrats to my Brother Chase, who received a promotion and raise this week, so proud of my Stinks!
I Turn it Up: "Stay" by's impossible not to sing along to that song.

Something Inspiring:
 Fun Times with their Cousin Ellie

Nozza Studio

Me and my Lil Hollaback Girls

Opening their Valentines from Grams & Gramps

 Daily 60 Minute Walk/Run....DONE
 Fun Moms have Messy Kids, Right?
 These Three...
Emma, the Class Clown

 Grocery Shopping...

 ...Twins Style

 Life is Good



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{Wedding Wednesday} Introducing: Mr. & Mrs. Warner!

 Oh My... Where to Begin....
I met April about 3.5 years ago.  It didn't take long for me to realize that April and I have a lot in common....especially when it comes to our shared passion for the Wedding Industry.  April is a Catering Director at San Tan Elegante and she has coordinated hundreds of weddings.  So, when she pulled me aside at the Bridal Fashion Debut back in June of 2013 and whispered "I'm going to be getting engaged soon, and you're going to be my Wedding Planner" I took it as a HUGE compliment. 
You see, April is a very smart girl and realized early on....when it's time to BE the BRIDE, it's time to BE the BRIDE...I was beyond honored....
The day was so lovely in every sense of the word... and as April said during her Wedding Reception "It didn't rain" as weather reports had teased about earlier in the week.  THE DRESS: April's stunning wedding gown was from Suzanne's Bridal Boutique. 
THE GROOM: Oh Rick.  He is seriously one of the kindest Groom's I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  Rick knew he wanted his Bride happy...and he also wanted to make sure that his guests felt appreciated and loved. And that's really all that mattered to him...
THE DETAILS: April knew she wanted the look and feel of the wedding day to be "Classic Romance"... she knew that when Rick and her show their children their wedding photos one day...that everything looks "classic" and not outdated.  {Hanger was purchased off of Esty}
THE FLOWERS: There were flowers just amazing shades of white, cream, pink and blush.  Kristen Mandly, owner of Blume Events and her talented team really captured the feel and look that April wanted. 

 THE BRIDE: April, how I love you so.  The first moment I saw April that day she was overjoyed.  I'm so thrilled that she and Rick both truly enjoyed every moment of their day.  April {especially being so knowledgeable and experienced in the Wedding industry} had so much appreciation for all of the people and work that went into this day.  She was truly GLOWING.
THE VENUE: Seville Golf and Country Club.... Seville is like home to me.  It was such an honor to be back there, it felt like no time had gone by.  Emily Glenn the Private Events Director was a true professional in every sense of the word. 
The Ceremony Site was so elegant, complete with giant flower displays framing the walk way.
And swirls made of rose petals down the aisle....

THE WEDDING PARTY: What a fun group of people!  Pictured here is little Miss Payton, the Bride's adorable niece, doing a fantastic job! 
THE KISS:  By FAR the LOOOOONGEST kiss I've ever witnessed!
 THE HAPPY COUPLE: They were just so happy to be Married!  Truly, so happy to have found each other.
THE BRIDE: How Gorgeous is THIS girl? 
THE GROOM:  It was often that you see the handsome Groom simply gazing over at this Breathtaking Bride.
PHOTOGRAPHY: It's always a blast when Still Life Studios captures your day! Matt Wheeler, Bridget Levi, and Richard Talbot {video} did an outstanding job documenting this day....and the Sunset that night was unbelievable!
THE RECEPTION: Just Gorgeous!  Southwick Linens provided the "Pewter Pintuck" linens on the guests tables, adding to the elegant look were black chavari chairs....topping the look off with centerpieces from Blume Events.
THE CAKE:  The decadent cake was created by Piece of Cake Desserts
 J.STARR TEAM:  My lovely and very talented Coordinating Assistants Renata & Melissa
STATIONARY: All of the invitations, programs, place cards and menus were provided by Definitely Debra making all of the beautiful details extra personable.
THE ENTERTAINMENT: Was provided by the talented Juan Sandoval, Owner of AZ Celebrity DJ 
I had so many favorite moments of the night... if I had to pick my top three:
1.) The Kiss! So Funny!!
2.) The Song ~ April completely surprised her Groom and all her Wedding Guests by singing " At Last" {By Etta James}... for a little girl, she has some pipes!  She use to sing competitively in school...and on their first date Rick joking said to April " You have to sing at our Wedding"....and she did just that!  Her song brought the entire room to their feet, it was outstanding.
3.) The Thank You Toast: Yep, April made me cry {more than once}.  But especially during her "Thank You" Toast.  After thanking all of her family and friends, she thanked ME.  Her words were so heartfelt..I've never had that happen to me before, it was so unexpected and meant so much.
You see...the BEST part of being a Wedding Planner is that you make Life Long Friends in the Process. 
The night ended with the Bride and Groom smooching in Rick's 55' Chevy Bell Air Classic Car, that was displayed at the entrance of the Grand Ballroom. 
It was just an unbelievably beautiful evening... yes the amazing florals, linens, uplighting all contributed but what really made that night so beautiful has the visible LOVE that Rick and April show for each other. 
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to experience this with you...I wish you much joy, happiness, and trips to Disney!  Love you both!
Still Life Studios
AZ Celebrity DJ
Frost Gelato
Suzanne's Bridal Boutique
Amber Dewey & Angie Dinges
Patricia Monjaraz & Yuri Medrano of Labelle Artisty
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