Friday, April 18, 2014

{Friday} Food, Fitness & Fashion Vol. 4

IT'S FRIDAY, IT'S FRIDAY!  I've over the moon excited about a gorgeous J.Starr Wedding what will be taking place on Saturday!  The venue is stunning...but most importantly the couple getting married are just the most lovely people...I'm so honored I get to be a part of their special day.

Speaking of it being FRIDAY, how about a Food, Fitness, Fashion post???

{In case you've missed the past installments of FFF}:

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1.) Food ~
I love the Weight Watchers program, and no they don't pay me to say this (that would be awesome)'s just a very livable program to help you live a healthier lifestyle. It doesn't restrict you from eating just helps to program your brain into reading food labels and keeping track of what you eat.....everything you eat.  I've now hit my "Weight Watcher Goal Weight" and so long as I maintain this for two more weeks I'll become a "Lifetime Member".  This was by far the best decision I made for myself after having my twinzies. 

It's not always about "losing"'s about making your happiness, your health a priority...despite all of the hundreds of other things you have going on, despite all the roles your have, despite all the people who need you.
 WW's  awarded me with a silver star for hitting my goal...I awarded myself with a hot new swim suit.

OPEN INVITATION:   Every Tuesday Night @ 5:30 at 1017 S. Gilbert Road Ste 105 Mesa, Arizona 85233. Seriously,  join me...good stuff.

Some of the Things I Eat:

Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice {1 serving = 6pts} + Tilapia Tortilla Crusted Fish {1 serving =4pts} = 10 Pts Total.  I buy these both at Costco...super easy, super delish, super satisfying.  


Who knew peas could taste so good!

Flat Out {2 pts}, Fat Free Chedder Cheese {1 pt} and one serving of madras lentils {4 pts}, salsa {0 pts}...stuck in the oven for 5 minutes to toast up the flat out.... not the prettiest presentation but very tasty. 

Soooo Good....warm in the oven, not the's worth the wait.
Madras Lentils + Brown Rice.... EASY
I always find it mind blowing when I compare "splurges"...makes it much easier to decide...Numbers don't lie and knowledge is power my friends... and I'm not even a "math" girl.

2.) Fitness ~  
Still walking and running...a lot. Not quite sure what I'm going to do once those AZ summer temperatures kick in.

Get it done and move on. 

I love the WW app for tracking food and the active link for tracking activity. 

Also I'm a big fan of the free app called "My Tracks"

3.) Fashion ~

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Stitch Fix!
Kensie Jeans/Sophia Distressed Skinny Jeans....I ended up sending these back....despite my girlfriends telling me I should keep them....just felt a little too weird wearing them.... 
Ezra/Rowena Chevron Print V Neck Blouse.... this is a TOP that I would have NEVER picked out in the store...just not my natural color choices/style....but I kept.  My friends kept telling me this shirt looks "Happy" how can I argue with that.... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna wear it to my Ceremony Rehearsal it's dressy yet comfy.
Kept this one too.... it was a little on the pricey side for me, but it does count as a top and a bottom, so that's how I justified it. Soooo comfy. 
Need to UPDATE your wardrobe, You should check out STITCH's soooo fun! And if you do end up scheduling a "Fix" of your very own...would you pretty please use my referral link:
Thanks Friends....Cheers to a great weekend ahead!

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