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{FRIDAY}: Food, Fitness, and Fashion Vol. 2


Oh my, I have so many other things I need to be doing right now...but I've been feeling crazy inspired to bust out this blog post for quite some here we go....

Perhaps you remember when I wrote this blog post: "Food, Fitness, and Fashion Vol.1" back in March of 2013,.... Well I just re-read it today and I'm not gonna lie, it feels pretty amazing to see how much has changed since then.....

1.) Food ~ Weight Watchers.  I.LOVE.WEIGHT.WATCHERS.  I remember, at my six week checkup {post having the twinzies}...I sat in my Docs office with a big, goofy, oblivious grin on my face....I was on a HIGH...a NATURAL HIGH....I just couldn't believe how amazing it felt to be a Mom....everything had just gone so amazingly well.....

I then looked down at my odd looking shaped tummy and asked my Doctor very naïve like...."so...when's this gonna go back to normal"?...she just looked at me quietly for a few moments and said..."You know you had twins right? That's what a post twins tummy looks like" ....whhhaaat noooo...."You mean this isn't swelling that will go down" I asked...."No, you are completely healed from your C-section, that is YOUR tummy".... MY FACE DROPPED, I was kind of in shock..... I thought for sure she was wrong. 

She then went on the tell me...."You can get back in shape're just going to have try REALLY REALLY hard"..... she then suggested I try Weight Watchers to help lose the weight.  She shared with me that she does Weight Watchers and is a "Life Time Member".  I remembered being shocked by this... here she was this highly educated and well respected professional... and very much in shape, and SHE goes to Weight Watchers??? 

That was incredibly inspiring to I gave it a whirl.  I remember attending the first meeting and being rather surprised as most of the other people there were averaged sized people...just trying to lose some weight and feel better. 

Well, I've been going to W.W. since February of 2013...and I'm happy to share that I lost all my baby {babies} weight fairly quickly and now I'm working towards my "Life Time Member" goal weight, I'm pretty darn close, yahoo!

But here's the can't just go to the Weekly Meetings and expect to lose....You have to "do the program" "tracking" all your food {points} takes time to get in the habit of tracking and learning more about nutrition... and MOVING your body!

I could go on and on...but maybe I'll try and make this more of a weekly/or biweekly  blog post....well see.

OPEN INVITATION: I just wanted to share my excitement and invite anyone reading this blog to join me at the meetings I attend:  Every Tuesday Night @ 5:30 at 1017 S. Gilbert Road Ste 105 Mesa, Arizona 85233. Seriously, it's actually pretty awesome, and the leader of this meeting is hilarious....{she herself as lost 110lbs!}

FUN FACT: Yesterday the Babies had their 1 Year Old Check Up and we learned that now both weigh 18 each...Since I started W.W. I've lost 36lbs.... that equals both of my babies at their current weights 18 +18 = 36 lbs.   That's just crazy to me...I can still carry them both at the same time but only for about 5 minutes max until I grow too BLOWS my MIND that this time last year I was carry a extra 36lbs on my body all the time!!! {after they were born!}. 

It's such a slow process that you're not always aware of the positive things that result from weight loss...but I know one thing for sure I have TONS more energy ...which is much needed to keep up my little misses. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering what types of food I've been eating...I'll share a few recent photos...but just know you can eat just have to "track" it and not go OVER your "points" for the WEEK.  That's the beauty of this program it's not a diet, it truly is a lifestyle.
2 Dockside Classic Crab Cakes {8pts}, 2 Tablespoons of Cocktail Sauce {1pt}, Salad w/ tomatoes, red onions, bell peppers, radishes {0pts} & Diet Coke {0pts}.

A FAB quick and delish snack! I buy these from Costco...frozen chocolate banana easy, so yummy.

My latest indulgence = Hillshire Whipped Topping/2 Servings {0pts}, Kroger Graham Crackers/1Serving {2pts}, and Skippy Peanut Butter/1 Serving {3pts}. 

 3 pcs of Hillshire Farm Kroger Fully Cooked Lower Sodium Bacon {2 pts}, and 1 Boiled Egg {2pts}, and Mustard {0pts}. 
1 serving of Mission Round Chips {4 Pts}, 1 serving of The Laughing Cow Light Pasteurized Cheese {1 Pt}, and Salsa {0 Pt}

Lacey Swiss Cheese {2pts}, Blueberries {0pts}, 2oz of Oven Roasted Turkey {1pt} and Mustard {0pts}.

2.) Fitness ~ When I first started trying to lose this was a big struggle for me...I just kept trying to make it more complicated than it needed to be...I tried joining Lifetime was just such a struggle to try and coordinate the child care appointments {especially with twins}... I tried re-joining Crossfit...but the child care room was not set up to accommodate infants.....finally in September I just started walking with my girls....every week day for about 60 minutes...and finally it kind of became a habit that both the babies and I now look forward's an awesome way to start the day.  However, I now I'm getting to a point where I need to do more resistance/strength training, I just need to make it happen...stay tuned.  


3.) Fashion ~ Confession, okay so three days a week {Mon, Wed, Fri} I live in yoga pants and work out those are the days Justin works long hours...on Tues, Thurs, Sat...I typically book all my client meetings, errands, Bridal Open Houses, Events, Weddings, those are the days that I need to "dress up". 

I've recently discovered a pretty cool program called: STITCHFIX....Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers a curated box of accessibly priced items directly to your door!  Stitch Fix Stylist hand pick pieces for each client, based on surveys you have taken to best describe your personal style choices. 

I received my first "STITCHFIX" box three days ago and ended up keeping 3 out of the 5 pieces!!!  I LOVE IT, it was so fun!  It was great for me because I was able to try the pieces on in the comfort of my own home and pair them with other wardrobe pieces that I already own.  I'm not really the most patient person when it comes to shopping in the stores and trying things on...PLUS my time is precious to me. 

Anywho if you decide to check it out and order your "STITCHFIX" please do me a favor and pretty please say I referred you by clicking here.  It's super fun, and worse case scenario would only cost you a $20.00 styling fee. 

{Kept Top/ Jeans are Mine}
{Returned Both Jacket and Skirt}
{Kept Top/Jeans are Mine}

Another program that I'm into is "Stella & Dot" of my girlfriend's is a Stella & Dot Stylist.  I've purchased and borrowed a few pieces from her to help to glam up my outfits. You should check her out here....the pieces also make for some great gifts.. 

Necklace & Bracelet by Stella & Dot

Bracelet & Necklace by Stella & Dot
Necklace by Stella & Dot

And that wraps up this edition of FRIDAY: Food, Fitness, and Fashion......Until next time my always.....thank you for allowing me to share my world with you...

Much Love, Jennifer Starr

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