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{FRIDAY}: Food, Fitness, and Fashion Vol. 3

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Again, I always feel a little weird posting my "Food, Fitness, and Fashion" posts because again I do not deem myself an expert in this area at all.  These are simply areas in my life that I've been paying more attention to and doing my best to make them more of a as always, I like to share what I've learned along the way on my blog. 

1.) Food ~
I joined Weight Watchers about six weeks after having my twins {per my obgyn's suggestion, as she herself is a WW Lifetime Member}, to help to speed up my weight loss efforts...what I didn't realize was by joining this program my entire outlook on food and fitness would completely change.  I never realized before that I could actually have full control over what I eat, what my weight is, and how I feel.  It has truly been an awesome awakening for me. 

I'm now  4 freaking ounces away from my "Lifetime Member Goal Weight".  That means once I hit that number and maintain it for 6 weeks consecutively{within a 2lb range} I become a "Lifetime Weight Watcher Member" meaning that the Weight Watchers program is now completely free for me....all the meetings and all the online tools....and I get a very cool "Lifetime Member" key. 

I could go on and on about all the wonderful things I've learned...but for now I'll leave with some snippets in photos......

Some of the Things I Eat:
Bottom can eat anything on WW, you just have to "track" it and stay within your weekly "points" allotment {this differs from person to person}  Also, I'm fairly new in the still very much intimidates me...they are all SUPER SUPER easy meal ideas:

Flat Out Thin Crust Flatbread Spicy Italian/1Serving {3 pts} + Hunts Seasoned Tomato Pizza Sauce/3 tablespoons {1 pt} + Red Bell Peppers & Onions {0pts} + Fat Free Mozzarella Shredded Cheese/1 serving {1 pt} = 5 Points Total

2 Italian Stuffed Meatballs {Prepackaged & Already Prepared/Got them at Fry's Market Place} Paired with a simple Salad w Fat Free Italian Dressing = 11 Points Total

I call this my "Skinny Spritzer" helps to satisfy my before bed sweet tooth on days when I've already eaten up my "daily points" . It's Diet Cherry 7 Up over ice,  Blueberries, Topped with Lite Whipped Topping = 0 Points Total

1/2 of a Thomas Light English Muffin {1pt}, Topped with Melted Fat Free Kraft Cheddar Cheese {1 pt}, Banana {0 pt}, Boiled Egg {2 pts}, Coffee with Sugar Free French Vanilla Creamer and Fat Free Whipped Topping {1 pt} Totaling = 5 Pts  

Snap Shot I took after a Weekly Meeting...SUCH A POWERFUL message....especially to an EVENT PLANNER! This has been one the biggest lesson's learned through this my old mindset I would treat everything like an "event"...."I have to get the entire house organized TODAY"...."I have to get my business running and off the ground TODAY"..."I have to read all these books on parenting TODAY"....and that is such an unrealistic way to look at life, not to mention I was setting myself up for disappointment daily.  Having children plus the weight watchers program has really helped me to understand that nearly everything is process. 
Doesn't get much easier than this...Lean Cuisine's Meatloaf & Potatoes, and then I threw in some extra veggies Total = 6 Points

Proof that you can still eat fried chicken and French fries on W.W. plus a side of Fat Free Ranch Dressing.... Totaling = 9 Points {I will however probably not eat this again because I think this was a "trigger" food for me....making me more hungry afterwards}

Super Duper Easy, simply heat in a pan Totaling = 6 Pts

Staple items I buy from Costco

These are NEW and sooooo delish!  Dark chocolate covered frozen strawberries....Totaling = 2 Pts!

This is my "I want something naughty snack/meal"....1 Serving of Mission Tortilla Rounds, 1 Serving of Tasty Bite Madras Lentils, 1 Serving of Kraft Fat Free Cheddar Cheese, White Onions, Bell Peppers, and Salsa...Good and Filling but yet kind of Indulgent.  Totaling = 8 Pts

Apple {0 Pt}, Boiled Egg { 2 Pts}, Mustard {0 Pt} Totaling = 2 Pts

1 serving of Eggo Nurti Grain Waffles {4 Pts} &1 serving of Kroger Sugar Free Syrup {1 Pt}, Light Whipped Topping {0 Pts}, and Blackberries {0 Pts} Totaling = 5 Pts

1 serving of Costco Crusted Tilapia {4 pts}, paired with a spinach salad, mushrooms, red and white onions, green peppers, snap peas {0 pt}, and 1 serving of Light Vinaigrette Balsamic Dressing {1 Pt} Totaling = 5 Pts 

Yum, Totaling = 4 Pts

My Walmart Staple Items {p.s. how CUTE are those baby dolls??? Yum!}
This a side by side screen shot of my W.W. app.  The shot on the left shows the ending to my week {I call this my WW Report Card for the Week....I ate all my daily points plus one, had 9 weekly points remaining {that I didn't eat} and earned 27 activity points {that I didn't eat} That was a really good week.  It's all about playing a numbers game with yourself all week and trying to come out ahead...and what do you know...surprise surprise I didn't starve to death :)  The screen shot on the right shows my fresh new week....complete with 26 daily points, 49 weekly points, and 0 activity points}
My inspiration board that hangs in my bathroom next to mine and Justin's 101 in 1001 goal list....since then I've added another blue ribbon and few more stickers....these are fun little rewards that WW hands out to you for each goal, milestone you hit.  I love visual reminder of how far I've come since having my buggies. 
OPEN INVITATION: I just wanted to share my excitement and invite anyone reading this blog to join me at the meetings I attend:  Every Tuesday Night @ 5:30 at 1017 S. Gilbert Road Ste 105 Mesa, Arizona 85233. Seriously, it's actually pretty awesome, and the leader of this meeting is hilarious....{she herself as lost over 110lbs!} I've had a few friends join and are doing great on the program....don't be shy join the's a little cheesy at first but once you get past the initial start up's very empowering and motivating.

2.) Fitness ~  
Truth is all I do is walk/run nearly every day for about 60 minutes.  It's all that really works for my schedule/life right now and it's works, it's easy, and it's FREE.  Occasionally I'll join a girlfriend for yoga or recently I joined my brother for rock climbing...but bottom line it's just about MOVING. 
 Morning Walks = Clear Thoughts....Endorphins are a REAL thing!

In the recent past I purchased an "Active Link" and I love it!  I'll share more on this on my next blog post...but basically it's very similar to a "fit bit"....I wear it all the time except when showering or's very motivating.
Yoga...wanna start doing more of this...

Sometimes you just gotta do it. Don't think about, just do it...and then boom, it's over.
Rock climbing was a blast. I hope to do it again in the near future, plus I got to have fun hanging with my brother....It's fun when social outings aren't centered all around food.
Involve your friends...I've had a good amount of my best girlfriends join me on my daily walks...and it's been so fun...we know we at least have a full hour of a catching up, why not do it walking??? {hi Renata!} 

Probably the most annoying thing I do, is I take a photo during or after every single stinkin work out, and I share it with a very close group of friends/supporters...the accountability helps me immensely. Plus it's great to look back on all of those workouts to see how they've impacted my my babies are super cute.  Hey, it's all about finding whatever works for you!
3.) Fashion ~

Okay, so my sweet mom bought these for me as a Christmas gift...and I was like "ya right, like I'll every be able to wear printed pants"...and truth be told...I LOVE them, in fact I'm wearing them right now as I type.  They are total "Lululemon" knock offs and they are fantastic! I'm pretty sure she bought them at Target or Walmart.....they are called {Champion Advanced High Performance/Medium Regular Fitted/Duo Dry Max/Cirzenwash}
I feel weird posting these kinds of photos but oh well, whatever....So if you keep up with my blog {all five of you:) P.S. I love you} you've heard me talk about STITCH FIX before.  The top in the photo above was from my 2nd Stitch Fix! 
Stitch Fix is this awesome program where a personal stylist puts together clothing options for you to try and mails them to YOUR HOME on a month basis.  She chooses your "Stitch Fix" based on surveys that you've pre filled out regarding your personal style, size, preferences, etc!
You pay a $20.00 "styling fee" and then you pay for the items you want to keep...and the $20.00 "styling fee" is credited towards those items.  The "fix" comes with a prepaid shipping envelope and anything you don't want to keep you simply put in the envelope and toss it in the mail....SUPER EASY...and super fun! 
Here's a few more pieces that I've kept that have come in my "fixes"
Quite possibly one of the dorkiest photos of myself that I've shared with the internet, but oh well....the dress is fun.
Floral Top
 Any who...this post is now getting ridiculously long...bottom line if you don't have proper time to should check out STITCH's soooo fun! And if you do end up scheduling a "Fix" of your very own...would you pretty please use my referral link:
I would appreciate it....especially since my jerky cousin didn't use it when she ordered hers { I love you Bri!}
Much LOVE always thank you for allowing me to share my world...I hope my rambling nonsense inspires you in some way....or least gives you some good material to make fun of me about ;)

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